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by Dank Terpenes

For mellow indica effects and mouthwatering flavours that won’t require a breath mint afterwards, White Garlic from the Dank Terpenes seedbank offers a tasty twist on a classic cannabis recipe that even vampires can enjoy!

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White Garlic Genetic Profile

Oni Seed company’s classic Black Garlic cannabis strain – an indica fan-favourite which blends the pungency of GMO Cookies (aka Garlic Cookies) with the citrus bite of Sour Dubb – has been given a whole new identity thanks to this unbelievable upgrade from Dank Terpenes. White Garlic lineage blends DNA from this notorious hybrid with Paix – a mysterious Dank Terpenes original with unknown origins – resulting in a powerful Afghani pheno that easily rivals similar skunky strains like Garlic Breath and Garlic Bud.

Much more forgiving than many of its other family members, though White Garlic marijuana seeds aren’t yet available as auto or feminized seeds, they’re still easy to grow inside or out, allowing even novice cultivators to take their herb collection to the next level. With these regular seeds – now available from the MGS online store – you’ll soon be cooking up a storm in the garden or grow house.

White Garlic Strain Terpene Profile

Similar to Black Garlic, White Garlic aroma – a choking blend of sour citrus and skunk – may come as a surprise considering its name, but after a little taste, you’ll soon understand where the garlic part comes in. 

Expect a unique flavour profile that blends tangy fuel, grapefruit, and garlic accents – a carryover from its Chemdawg routes – with heavy herbal notes, fruity undertones, and a spicy kush exhale. This savoury mix of musk and stir-fry flavours may seem a little strange at first, but for connoisseurs of more weird and wonderful cannabis varieties, it’s definitely one for the bucket list.

Like most Girl Scout Cookies strains, White Garlic dominant terpenes are caryophyllene and limonene. It’s this latter sour-scented chemical that provides most of the family’s trademark pungency. Other subtler aromatics like alpha-pinene, linalool, and nerolidol also play a role in its complex flavour. This latter terpene is known for its musky, fresh-bark smell and is also thought to have anticarcinogenic properties.

White Garlic Strain Effects

Despite its strong landrace roots and potent indica-dominant parents, White Garlic marijuana strain effects won’t wipe you out immediately. Providing an intense, physical high but with an invigorating and uplifting, sativa-style cerebral buzz to back it up, this duality of effects makes it suitable for afternoon consumption, but we’d still recommend waiting until late evening. Users can also expect potent hunger pangs and an insomnia-crushing sedative finish from this high THC/low CBD pheno.   

Those with a stronger tolerance to THC shouldn’t have a problem staying functional while under the effects of this strain, but novices best prepare for an early bedtime. White Garlic THC level hasn’t been tested, but its relatives boast levels in the mid-twenties, making it a risky choice for first-time cannabis users. 

White Garlic Strain Medical Benefits

Garlic plants are packed with antioxidants and are well known to have numerous health benefits. White Garlic medical seeds from Dank Terpenes have similar curative potential. In addition, both have potent anti-inflammatory effects and, thanks to their cannabinoid and high THC content, the latter is also loaded with analgesic potential. As such, this medicinal phenotype can kill pain at its source and reduce swelling, helping to speed along the healing process in the recently injured or dull the effects of chronic pain disorders.

White Garlic medical benefits may also aid patients with sleep disruption to say goodbye to insomnia for good. Though myrcene is probably the best known sleep-inducing terpene, others like linalool and nerolidol also have strong sedative properties. Working alongside THC via the entourage effect, these relaxing terps can help regulate circadian rhythms and promote healthy sleep patterns. 

How to Grow White Garlic Strain

Growing White Garlic cannabis seeds isn’t quite as easy as rearing a crop of its oniony namesake, but still highly suitable for first-time cannabis cultivators. Producing stocky, resilient indica-typical plants that fare equally well inside or out, it adapts well to most soils and substrates and doesn’t require much in terms of extra nutrients. Low-stress training or super cropping techniques will go a long way to ensure White Garlic yields reach their full potential, and for those looking for an extra huge harvest, we recommend going the SOG or SCROG route.

White Garlic flowering time is around eight-nine weeks from germination. It should be noted that growers may require some means of odour control, particularly when growing inside, as this cultivar has a notoriously stinky smell during this period. It also inherits some of Black Garlic’s dark colouration, which arrives late in the flowering cycle, accompanied by a thick trichome and crystal coating that gives this strain its name. Ideal for concentrate creators, this sticky plant will require gloves when trimming and proper curing to guarantee the best quality nugs.