Buy Urkle Zplitter strain seeds

Fire Alien Urkle x Zkendoz

by Dank Terpenes

Amazing flavours, alluring colours, and awesome power combine in Urkle Zplitter – a brand new purple indica dominant hybrid three-way split from the Dank Terpenes seed bank that hits like dynamite! 

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Urkle Zplitter Genetic Profile

Urkle Zplitter lineage features a mind-blowing mix of three rare and highly-rated cannabis strains, each carefully chosen for their colour, flavour, or psychoactive contributions. Fire Alien Urkle – a purple kush plant created by OG Raskal Seeds – has been synced up with Zkendoz – Dank Terpenes’ homegrown Zkittlez hybrid – and Mendo Splitter – a maddening Mendo Breath x Atom Splitter cross from the Uprising Seed Co – resulting in a high-producing, purple indica hybrid that’s packing way more power than a phenotype has any business possessing.

Accompanied by an unbelievable melange of flavours and striking bag appeal, its potent effects also make this ever-giving afghan strain prime for medical use, particularly for physical conditions. Although not yet available as autoflowering or feminized seeds, Urkle Zplitter marijuana seeds can now be purchased from the MGS online store as regular seeds and make a dynamite addition to any grow space. 

Bringing the best strains from the USA and Canada and cross-pollinating with their own perfected phenotypes, Dank Terpenes are a UK-based seeds company with a wide future ahead of them and, for fans of purple plants like Granddaddy Purple and Mendocino Purps, Urkle Zplitter makes the perfect partner.

Urkle Zplitter Strain Terpene Profile

Ideal for connoisseurs, Urkle Zplitter flavour, combines several different elements together in a wide-ranging profile that’s like TNT for the tastebuds. From Mendo Breath come heavy OG Kush overtones and a spicy caramel scent, while Zkittlez lends the strain a medley of delicious fruity flavours, refreshing hints of pine and skunk, and a sweet and earthy vanilla finish that’ll turn your day from mediocre to magnificent.

Caryophyllene, myrcene, and alpha-pinene all feature amongst Urkle Zplitter dominant terpenes. Along with its peppery flavour, the former, one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis, has many additional properties, including dulling pain receptors in the body. It can even improve tolerance to cold temperatures and is used by giant pandas in the wild – who are known to roll around in terp-rich horse manure – for this exact purpose.

Urkle Zplitter Strain Effects

Strong-armed indica-dominant effects and a clear-headed, euphoric blast to the brain are what can be expected from this high THC/low CBD heavy hitter. Opening with a refreshing surge of cerebral excitement and energy that can easily fool you into thinking you’ve smoked a sativa-dominant strain, once these mental effects wear off, a potent sedative influence takes over as Urkle Zplitter effects turn your limbs to jelly and your mind to sleep mode. 

Though some may be tempted to try this hybrid strain during the day, like its Mendo Breath relative, this cultivar should be kept under lock and key until late evening at the earliest. With strong landrace roots, Urkle Zpilitter THC level is high, averaging in the low twenties, and will readily wipe out first-time users and send even the most experienced user to sleep with ease.

Urkle Zplittler Strain Medical Benefits

Like most powerful Afghani strains, Urkle Zplitter medical benefits are most useful for physical ailments and sleep disorders. Its sedative effects, which are ideal for treating conditions like insomnia, are highly pronounced and can be attributed to its high THC content and chemicals like CBN. Growers can increase levels of this couch-locking cannabinoid by letting their medical marijuana plants bloom a little longer until all trichomes have turned from cloudy to amber coloured.   

Urkle Zplitter cannabis seeds are also an excellent choice for chronic pain relief. Both THC and caryophyllene have scientifically proven analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on the body, while the calming mental state this great strain provides works as the perfect distraction from physical pains and discomfort.  

How to Grow Urkle Zplitter Strain

Growing Urkle Zplitter marijuana seeds can be quite challenging if not adequately prepared. This California-quality strain needs warmer weather to finish and put on its full weight and is also a picky feeder, especially during flowering. You may need to experiment with nutrients for a healthy harvest and, although it can be grown outdoors, we recommend a carefully controlled greenhouse environment or, even better, a SCROG or SOG setup to bump Urkle Zplitter yields to their maximum potential.

Fortunately, Urkle Zplitter flowering time is a quick eight-nine weeks from germination, and although it might be a high-maintenance plant, this is really when it proves its worth. Inheriting Purple Urkle’s dark violet hues and bright splotches of vivid green and pink from Zkittlez, its incomparable bag appeal makes all that work worthwhile and diligent growers will delight in trimming its dank, crystal-coated nugs come harvest time.