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Tropicana Cookies x Fire Alien Urkle x Slurricane

by Dank Terpenes

Another juicy hit from the cannabis freaks this noteworthy seed bank, Dank Terpenes Tropical Fire, is a blanched hybrid that boasts full-body effects and delicious flavour. Maturing into shades of brilliant reds and oranges and dripping with beneficial cannabinoids, Tropical Fire definitely lives up to its blazing name.

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Tropical Fire Strain Genetics 

Dank Terpenes Tropical Fire regular seeds come from a three-way cross of Tropicana Cookies x Fire Alien Urkle x Slurricane cannabis strains. The rich heritage of this hybrid strain blends the uplifted comfort of Fire Alien Urkle alongside the hard-hitting relaxation of Tropicana Cookies and Slurricane.

Tropical Fire lineage features famed cannabis cup-winning cannabis cultivars as Do-Si-Dos, Girl Scout Cookies, and Purple Urkle. Snippets of old-school strains, including Skunk and Grand Daddy Purps, make plenty of appearance in flavour and effects, as well.  

Tropical Fire Strain Terpene Profile

Dank Terpenes Tropical Fire aroma is an enticing blend of sweet and spicy berries, alongside notes of sticky grape and citrus heavy on the tangerine and oranges. Expect an earthy exhale with plenty of sweet undertones in the smoke.

Tropical Fire abundant terpene profile contains fruity myrcene, spicy beta-caryophyllene, and hints of zesty limonene. The unique ratios of terps in this unique pheno produce the heavy fruit and citrus of this tropical strain. 

Tropical Fire Strain Effects

Dank Terpenes Tropical Fire cannabis seeds are great for growers looking for a balanced plant of indica relaxation without the couch-lock. Effects arrive quickly and can be felt creeping across the back of your head and neck as waves of comfort begin to sweep over your body. Tropical Fire seed’s THC levels are unknown at this time, but they are reported to be high, so expect over 20%.

Like its parents, Tropical Fire delivers an uplifting euphoric mental rush courtesy of its sativa-dominant genetics and sizable limonene content. This is balanced with the sedative body relaxation that sweeps over the body as time passes, making it perfect for a relaxing evening with a good friend. 

Tropical Fire Strain Medical Benefits

Tropical Fire medical seeds are an excellent score for growers looking for soothing mental effects. Similar to its parentage, Tropical Fire should clear the mind of darkness and help with depression through the focusing power of limonene and the sedating effects of myrcene. 

Additionally, myrcene and caryophyllene will relieve pain and inflammation throughout the body, tingling across the skin as aches fade away. CBD levels are low, but this dominant hybrid‘s high THC content will also help reduce nausea, stimulate the appetite, and even act as a potent sleep aid. 

How to Grow Tropical Fire Strain 

Growing Dank Terpenes Tropical Fire seeds can be intimidating to first-time growers. These regular seeds will need to be monitored for the production of male cannabis plants to ensure maximum flower production. Tropical Fire yields are reported to be medium to high, but growers should employ their favourite techniques and training for high yields.

Dank Terpenes Tropical Fire flowering time is typically around 8-9 weeks after germination. Dense buds of olive green will emerge covered in orange hairs. Leaves will burst into a gradient of orange and red, and buds will soon grow frosty with plump, resinous trichomes. Curing Tropical Fire weed will concentrate the juicy aromas of grape, berries, and citrus into a room-filling cloud of top-shelf dankness that will bring a smile to any connoisseur’s face.