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by Dank Terpenes

Super Reme is one of several high-quality cannabis strains from Dank Terpenes with an impressive heritage hidden in its genetics. A rich terpene profile, a gassy, sweet flavour, and beautiful buds make this indica-dominant hybrid a must for all cannaisseurs.

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Super Reme Strain Genetics

The parent strains of these Super Reme cannabis seeds may not be familiar names to anyone but the most well-researched smoker, but go up a generation or two, and things really come to life! Both of the parents, Mendostapo and Zkendoz, are the product of one of Dank Terpenes favourite strains to cross, Mendo Splitter. Mendostapo crosses this raw, pungent strain with Gelato #33 and Dosidos, while Zkendoz blends it with Zkittlez.

Suddenly the lineage has us all paying attention, huh? Already an epic family tree, climb the branches, and you’ll find Chemdawg, White Widow, OG Kush, GSC, Sour Diesel, Afghani, and Skunk, just to name a few! This ensures excellent growing traits, memorable flavours, and a kickass buzz from this high THC level strain!

Super Reme Strain Terpene Profile

Dank Terpenes – Super Reme has to live up to the name of its creator, and the rich terp profile ensures it does that and more! The combination of gassy, petrol-tinged flavours on inhale with sweet, citrus fruit undertones comes from a classic cannabis terpene combination, caryophyllene and limonene.

The exhale combines classic skunky scents of common terpene myrcene with a range of different terpenes, including linalool, for some floral notes and a little touch of fresh forest pine provided by pinene. That’s a lot of terps to be noticeably present, but the subtlety of the flavours and aromas of this marijuana strain ensures a perfect synergy between them all! 

Super Reme Strain Effects

With a high THC content (around 20%), the kick is quick and robust here, initially leaning towards couchlock as a full-body buzz takes over quickly. The head high is gentler and creates a perfect balance with the effects of the THC creating touches of uplifting creativity that blend beautifully with an energizing, euphoric sense of joy that only grows greater as the long-lasting effects continue.

A perfect after-dinner smoke (as long as it isn’t your turn to wash up!), this is a strain designed to kick back and relax. When it gets later, the psychoactive effects will come together to create a relaxed, sleepy sensation that should act as the perfect companion to a calm night of sleep.

Super Reme Strain Medical Benefits

The medical marijuana potential of this cannabis strain comes via the powerful cannabinoids and high terpene content that have been handed down lovingly from the different strains in the Super Reme ancestry. The most apparent benefit is for those living with insomnia, as the potency of the THC and the reported calming ability of the terps should aid not only in falling asleep but also reduce occurrences of waking up in the night.

THC and caryophyllene are also thought to bind to cannabinoid receptors and provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to aid in the alleviation of pain symptoms, including the effects of chronic pain for those living with conditions like fibromyalgia or those who suffer from regular migraine headaches.

How to Grow Super Reme Strain Seeds

Super Reme marijuana seeds take a surprisingly small amount of work from the grower, considering how exceptional the end product is! With an indoor growing time of just eight weeks (sometimes nine, rarely more) with nothing more than an occasional trim, you’ll be rewarded with a good yield of dark purple, golf ball-sized buds coated in resinous trichomes. An excellent choice for those just starting to learn cannabis cultivation.

Outdoor growers will be even happier with the yield from these Super Reme seeds. We recommend greenhouse growing, as the elements can do a job on the cannabis plants, but if you live in a warm, dry climate, harvest time should see you met with a forest of stunning buds!