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Zkendoz x Magnum Opus x Fire Alien Urkle x Gestapo

by Dank Terpenes

Pungent and dripping with terpenes, Dank Terpenes Splendozo seeds deliver gorgeous purple plants and fruity bliss. Combining the best aspects of four house-favourite cannabis strains, this indica-dominant hybrid is perfect for growers searching for their next favourite fruit bomb. 

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Splendozo Strain Genetics 

Born from the high-quality 4-way cross of Zkendoz x Magnum Opus x Fire Alien Urkle x Gestapo marijuana strains, Dank Terpenes Splendozo lineage showcases the impressive range of such a unique heritage. Zkendoz is an indica-dominant child of Zkittlez and Mendo Splitter, known for its high yields, potency, and fruity flavours. Meanwhile, Magnum Opus brings the potent grape and diesel notes of its Sour Diesel, Purple Kush, and Afghani heritage. 

Completing the rest of Dank Terpenes Splendozo seeds parentage, Fire Alien Urkle is a California native known for its relaxing effects, and Gestapo is a rare but potent strain bred from a 2nd generation Dosidos plant and a Gelato #33 pheno.

Splendozo Strain Terpene Profile

Splendozo aromas are an enticing blend of sweet berries, dank mangos, and a potent haze of diesel fumes. Expect the smoke to be sweet, and be sure to open a window, as these aromas will be loud. 

This delicious aromatic offering comes from Splendozo’s dominant cannabis terpenes, especially the dank and fruity myrcene, responsible for the musky fruity aroma. Additional traces of limonene provide the tangy chemical and fuel notes, especially when combined with myrcene’s earthy fruitiness. Hints of beta-caryophyllene – also found in black pepper – are present from the Zkittlez heritage but remain hidden beneath the rich fruit and fuel. 

Splendozo Strain Effects

Splendozo weed is heavy on the indica-side of the scale, providing plenty of relaxing body effects from the combination of THC and myrcene-led terpenes. In addition, the presence of limonene offers mild energizing and psychoactive effects that can help keep the mind clear and active without any sativa raciness. Splendozo THC levels aren’t exactly known at this time, but with all parentage averaging well over 20%, we can expect something similar. 

While couch-lock shouldn’t set in, Dank Terpenes Splendozo is best enjoyed at the end of the day, when you’re ready to relax with a favourite movie. 

Splendozo Strain Medical Benefits

Therapeutic growers will enjoy Splendozo medical seeds for their potent pain-killing and calming effects. The high myrcene levels and effects of THC will calm anxiety and soothe the mind, leading to better sleep. The uplifting mental effects of limonene can also help brighten the mood by potentially reducing stress and symptoms of depression.

Beta-caryophyllene provides full-body pain relief, as its large size binds with the cb2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. These cannabinoid receptors trigger anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body, potentially reducing pain and increasing comfort. 

How to Grow Splendozo Strain 

Information on growing Dank Terpenes Splendozo cannabis seeds is limited, but as they are regular seeds, it will take some know-how to properly look for and remove any male plants that grow. Though primarily an indica, this hybrid plant will grow tall, unlike the common stout bushiness of other indicas, so be sure to account for this if you have an indoor growing area. Splendozo yields are reported to be medium to high, but savvy growers should be able to utilize their favourite low-stress or high-stress training methods to boost production.

The Splendozo cannabis plant flowering time averages between 8 to 9 weeks after germination. Gorgeous purple hues will begin to saturate the plant as the cannabis flowers mature, and as trichomes start to swell, expect a crystalline coating of resin to glaze each bud with a frosty white. Finally, when it’s time for curing, these beauties will be dripping with aromas of sweet, resinous fruit and clinging fumes of diesel.