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Fatal Element x Wild Berry

by Dank Terpenes

For delicious fruit flavours to die for and potent pain-killing effects, Fatal Berry from Dank Terpenes is the perfect plant to terminate your daily troubles with its fruity indica-dominant approach.

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Fatal Berry Genetic Profile

New on the scene but packing plenty of experience, Dank Terpenes are a UK-based cannabis seed bank that are turning heads upon the breeding scene with their unique cannabis creations. Fatal Berry marijuana seeds represent some of the company’s finest work to date – a masterful blend that marries Fatal Element with Wild Berry (aka Wild Berry Kush) – a stalwart afghan strain known for its distinctive blueberry taste. 

As Fatal Berry lineage comprises some of the fruitiest cannabis strains in circulation, it’s unsurprising that this cannabis plant absolutely kills in the flavour department but also packs powerful analgesic effects to kill those aches and pains and the source.

A recent addition to the MGS collection, this delicious fruit concoction is now available from our online store. Although not as easy to grow as a feminized or autoflowering strain, these regular seeds still make an excellent option for master kush growers or confident newcomers looking for a challenge. 

Fatal Berry Terpene Profile

Dank Terpenes describe Fatal Berry aroma as similar to ’a short, sharp slap in the face on a cold day’ and one whiff of its buds in full flower, and you’ll know exactly why. Expect a refreshing but incredibly aromatic fruity nose and a taste that’s rich in the same sweet and sour blueberry terps that won its parent’s reputation, with elements of spicy Kush and grassy skunk coming through on the exhale.  

Coming from an OG Kush heavy background, it’s unsurprising that Fatal Berry dominant terpenes include caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, which produce the earthy, fruity flavours that characterise this cannabis family. Alpha-pinene terps are also present in significant quantities in this dank and deadly contender, providing the bracing kick that gives it that little something extra.

Fatal Berry Strain Effects

Formidable Afghani genetics have lent this lethal cultivar a mostly physical psychoactive impact that’s intensely relaxing and ideal for numbing aches and pains. Like most cannabis strains, the initial hit will feel invigorating, igniting the mind with a fast-acting, sativa-like surge of euphoric energy, but Fatal Berry effects soon divert to the body. At this stage, there’s little more you can do than let its soporific side take control and give in to incapacitating relaxation and a muddled state of mind.  

Underestimating the effects of this high THC/low CBD indica-dominant strain would be a fatal error of judgement. Fatal Berry THC content is similar to its Wild Berry parent, which clocks in at around 25% on average. Couchlock and this punishing plant go hand in hand, so to avoid slipping too far into a cannabis-induced coma, keep your consumption to moderate levels and avoid altogether if you’re particularly prone to nodding out.

Fatal Berry Strain Medical Benefits

Despite its foreboding name, the only thing this strain kills is stress and pain. Fatal Berry medical benefits can actually lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle if used correctly and with caution. Its potent analgesic and inflammatory effects, resulting from its rich cannabinoid content and the dual-action of caryophyllene and THC, make it an excellent choice for those recovering from injury and who need extra help with the healing process. These pain-numbing qualities are intense enough that this medical cannabis hybrid can even be used to help reduce the discomfort caused by chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or endometriosis.   

If you’re looking to wipe your worries from the face of the earth or get a good night’s sleep, then Fatal Berry medical seeds make a worthy companion. Offering pure stress relief in embryonic form, the calming influence provided by this marijuana strain is the perfect prescription for both high-strung individuals who need help achieving a relaxed mindset and those who struggle with disorders like insomnia.  

How to Grow Fatal Berry Strain

Like its Wild Berry parent, growing Fatal Berry marijuana seeds won’t be the easiest experience. As such, we recommended this Dutch-quality pheno for moderate-experienced cannabis cultivators only. Although it can be reared inside or out, it’ll require warm and sunny conditions if grown in the ground and a rich soil medium indoors. 

Highly suitable for super cropping techniques like SCROG or SOG, which are a great choice if you’re looking to bump Fatal Berry yields into the medium-high bracket, these kinds of greenhouse environments will also offer greater temperature control and a better chance of taming this fussy phenotype. 

This strain also inherits much of the rainbow colouration of its family line. A stocky, indica-typical plant, Fatal Berry flowering time is around eight-nine weeks from germination, and once in full bloom, growers may notice blue and purple shades running through its frosty, bright green buds and orange trichomes covering the entire plant. These captivating hues can be brought out further by introducing cooler temperatures at night, which helps break down chlorophyll and promote the production of anthocyanins – the same pigments responsible for the richer colours of many fruits and plants.