Buy Alien Firecane strain seeds

by Dank Terpenes

Alien Firecane is a balanced Indica/Sativa hybrid strain from Dank Terpenes with a potent THC level. A petrol-heavy scent emanates from the purple-hued buds, with touches of sweet fruit on the exhale. Be prepared for a long-lasting buzz!

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Alien Firecane Strain Genetics

The genetics of these Alien Firecane cannabis seeds are as impressive as they are complex. This hybrid is the result of crossing three strains – Fire Alien Urkle (Purple Urkle x Fire Alien Kush), Mendo Splitter (Mendobreath F2 x Atom Splitter), and Slurricane (Do-Si-Dos x Purple Punch).

This combination is the reason for the heavy diesel scent and ensures some nuance, thanks to the OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies strains that are also present in the branchy family tree. This combination of strains is also the reason for the high THC content (around 25%) and the grower-friendly traits of this beautiful Dank Terpenes – Alien Firecane.

Alien Firecane Strain Terpene Profile

The primary terpene at play here is caryophyllene, a spicy, peppery terp that provides that gassy, Sour Diesel like tone on the inhale. In contrast, limonene provides a citrus tingle on the lips on exhale. A classic combination, but this is just the start when it comes to our other worldly Alien Firecane.

Other specific terpenes that add to the complex flavours and aromas include the hoppy effects of humulene, the fruity undertones of terpinolene, the piney vibes of pinene, and the earthy, skunk-like scent of myrcene. The tastes and smells of the terpene blend ensure that every exhale will fill the room with a slightly new variation on the temping aroma of this marijuana strain.

Alien Firecane Strain Effects

The effects of Alien Firecane are fast-acting, long-lasting, and move through a myriad of different sensations. You’ll first be aware of this cannabis strain’s effects when a gentle, pleasing, tingly feeling moves across your body, which will quickly evolve into a heavy body buzz that ensures couchlock for the first little while, so make sure you’re sitting down!

While this is happening, your mind will be going through a vastly different experience, flitting between an energizing, uplifting high and a relaxed euphoria, both sensations you’ll enjoy immensely! As time moves on, fits of giggles are pretty much a guarantee, with the high of this pungent strain finally settling into a sleepy feeling that should make for some intriguing dreams.

Alien Firecane Strain Medical Benefits

The medical marijuana potential of Alien Firecane will be apparent to cannaisseurs due to the popular strains in its heritage. In addition, many people report the alleviation of stress and anxiety symptoms when consuming this strain. The complex terpene profile works hand in hand with the extremely high THC level to deliver possible relief from symptoms of these conditions.

Another possible medical cannabis ability present here is in the relief of pain, primarily when associated with chronic pain conditions. For example, those with fibromyalgia have spoken of symptoms being softened, both in severity and longevity, after using Alien Firecane.

How to Grow Alien Firecane Strain Seeds

Indoor growers will see a high yield from these high-quality marijuana seeds in as little as eight weeks from germination, which is impressively quick, especially considering how much you get in return. Alien Firecane regular seeds can grow into bushy plants, so be sure you have sufficient space. With the odd trim and light change, you should see good results using either SOG or SCROG methods.

For outdoor growers, those using a greenhouse will likely see the best results, while warm, Mediterranean style climates are best if the plants are exposed to the elements. Towards October, these plants should start to grow tall (so consider trellising) and begin to produce lime green, pinecone shaped buds. As harvest time draws near, touches of purple will start to appear on the nugs and the leaves, while a dominant petrol smell will let you know this incredible strain is ready to go!