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Purple Punch x Sunset Sherbet

by Dank Genetics

One of many enticing offspring of the Sunset Sherbert strain developed by the Dank Genetics seeds company, Purple Sunset cannabis seeds are easy to grow and highly rewarding for both experienced and novice growers alike. This indica-dominant feminised cannabis strain blends legendary cookies, kush, and skunk strains to deliver purple-hued buds that offer a potent, and full-bodied buzz.

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Purple Sunset Strain Genetics

Blending Dank Genetics’ favourite mother plant, Sunset Sherbet, with popular seed bank choice Purple Punch, this high THC (around 20%) strain makes its parents proud in a multitude of ways.

The heavily indica-leaning genetics are apparent as plants grow, staying compact and stocky with no sativa growing traits to be found while offering a high yield. The blend of cookies, kush, and skunk comes from a family tree which, when climbed up a little further, includes classics like Big Bud and Durban Poison, sweet seeds including Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. 

This veritable who’s who of seed banks and cannabis cafes provide the copious flavours to these beautiful nugs.

Purple Sunset Strain Terpene Profile

The tastes and aromas offered up by Purple Sunset, courtesy of those genetics mentioned above, are a result of an intriguing terpene profile within these cannabis seeds.

The dominant flavours, especially on the inhale, are the herbal, classic touch of Big Bud and distant Afghan strains in the genetics, provided by myrcene, and the candy-sweet, citrus tinted explosions that are handed down from GSC and come mainly from limonene.

Caryophyllene is also present, offering a spicy kick on the exhale, while that fresh, forest smell that lingers in the air, passed down from OG Kush, is likely to be the result of pinene.

Purple Sunset Strain Effects

Full body relaxation, happy and cerebral blast to the brain, this is a cannabis strain offering a blend of the best traits of its parent strains. Purple Sunset is both fast-acting and long-lasting, with this feminized strain working its way through your body at pace, settling in and producing a sleepy, yet euphoric sensation.

A feminized marijuana strain best suited for later in the day once all the jobs are done, this Dank Genetics offering is the perfect accompaniment to your favourite music and a couple of hours kicking back with friends at the end of a long day.

Purple Sunset Strain Medical Benefits

This sweet and dreamy, herbal tasting strain isn’t only a treat for the tastebuds, but there is also medical marijuana suitability thanks to the wonderful genetics of The Purple Sunset strain. Many consumers of Purple Sunset speak of relief in feelings of stress and a reduction in anxiety. 

Similar to both Sunset Sherbert and Purple Punch, Purple Sunset is also said to provide an aid for those who have insomnia. Difficulty getting to sleep may become yesterday’s news thanks to the heavy, relaxing buzz of this cannabis strain, which may aid with both falling and staying asleep.

How to Grow Purple Sunset Seeds

Purple Sunset feminized cannabis seeds from the Dank Genetics seed company tend to have a relatively fast flowering time. In most cases, plants will be fully stacked with a high yield within 9 to 11 weeks for indoor growers.

Outdoor gardeners can expect harvest time to fall in mid-October, with warmer climates and greenhouses being conducive with the best results from these female seeds. Any strain with Big Bud in its heritage is exciting to the grower because it ensures… well, big buds! The chunky, dark green buds are coated in various shades of purple (hence the name) with a pleasing layer of trichomes over the top.

Indoors or outdoors, these feminised seeds will deliver an explosion of scents occurring within a few weeks of germination, getting you genuinely excited for the taste sensation that will be yours to truly savour!