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Burmese Kush x Florida Kush

by Dank Genetics

Brought to you exclusively from our friends at the Dank Genetics seed bank, Pinkys is a newly-minted cannabis Allstar splice that offers punchy indica effects, impeccable genetics and delicious lemon cookies flavours, all wrapped up in one little feminised seed-shaped package!

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Pinkys Strain Genetics

This exquisite indica-dominant hybrid comes from a long line of heavy-hitting cannabis strains and, as such, boasts a healthy and high-performing genetic profile.

Pink Panties, a cheeky-named cannabis cultivar born from a Burmese Kush landrace strain and a Florida Kush plant, sets the scene and lends its descendant its terp-rich taste and tremendous medical potential. This popular pairing has been blended with the Dank Genetics seed company’s own Dank Sherbert, an aesthetically pleasing indica hybrid with a creamy cookies flavour. Pinkys, the beautiful marriage of the two, inherits the best of both worlds, making these feminized cannabis seeds a rewarding investment that’s well worth your time and effort.

Pinkys Strain Terpene Profile

Being part Cookies and part Kush, Pinkys boasts an unbeatable flavour. Its powerful citrus bite and diesel accents come straight from the OG Kush-based Pink Panties, while the fruity creaminess of Dank Sherbet also comes through in the cross. These are accompanied by strong floral and sour scents and echoes of sweet spice.

This exciting terpene profile is the result of high concentrations of myrcene and limonene, which are responsible for the berry and lemon flavours that can often be detected in marijuana plants. Caryophyllene also contributes, its earthy influence refining the strain’s flavour, while linalool and alpha-pinene provide subtler elements, rounding off this delicious strain with a touch of finesse.

Pinkys Strain Effects

With a pedigree that includes indica legends OG Kush and powerful landrace genetics gained from Burmese Kush, this feminized strain hits with an almost pure indica hit that’ll leave you tickled pink! As this is a hybridized variety, this physical intensity is melded with some sativa-typical effects, and users can expect creeping body highs accompanied by a heady buzz and plenty of creative inspiration.  

While offering fully-functional sedation that allows for daytime use, it’s very easy to overindulge with Pinkys, and this can easily lead to couchlock. As such, unless your THC tolerance is especially high, it’s probably best to save consumption of this strain for after hours.

Pinkys Medical Benefits

Myrcene is best known for its knockout effects and, when present in high concentrations, makes for an excellent treatment for sleep disorders like insomnia. In Pinkys, this aromatic compound works alongside THC, creating a relaxing, sleepy sensation that certifies this strain as a potent medical marijuana choice.

Limonene terpenes can act as a stimulant, but in this seed type, its impact has more of a calming effect that can be utilised effectively for short-term relief of stress-related conditions like anxiety.

How to Grow Pinkys Strain

Pinkys cannabis plants share the beautiful appearance of both their parent plants. Mossy green and purple buds ignite with hairy pistils painted in shades of orange and shocking pink, giving the strain its colourful name. Thanks to their landrace genetics, these vigorous plants are especially hardy and can be grown in any environment, but successful outdoor cultivation will require higher humidity than usual.

As an indica dominant pheno, this photoperiod plant grows short and bushy and welcomes careful maintenance to bring out its full potential. With a fast flowering time of 8-10 weeks and above-average yields expected from growers of any experience, put yourself in the pink with these fantastic feminized seeds from Dank Genetics.