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Lemonaid OG x Sunset Sherbert

by Dank Genetics

Available at the ever-growing MGS seed bank, Lemonaid Sherbet is another unique and intriguing marijuana strain from innovative UK seed company Dank Genetics. A high THC, balanced indica/sativa hybrid, this cannabis strain blends zingy lemons and sweet sherbet flavours for a fast-acting, and long-lasting cerebral buzz.

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Lemonaid Sherbet Strain Genetics

Expert seeds company Dank Genetics has set about proving the versatility of Sunset Sherbet by using this strain to introduce many more to the world of seeds, and these cannabis seeds are another stunning child of that seed bank favourite.

This time, Sunset Sherbet has been expertly blended with another Dank Genetics favourite, Lemonaid OG. The OG Kush genetics provides that Cali connection, combining with the creamy, candy sweet tones of Sunset Sherbet and the citrus tang of Lemonaid OG creates a cacophony of flavours here, with high THC and a fast flowering time also being inherited.

Lemonaid Sherbet Strain Terpene Profile

The aforementioned potent flavour of Lemonaid Sherbet that comes through its balanced indica and sativa genetic lineage is a result of the terpene profile at play in this feminized strain. This strain feels like biting on a sugar-coated zingy lemon, but without the stomach complaints that would usually follow!

The strong citrus twist passed down from Lemonaid OG on the inhale is a result of the presence of limonene, a lemon/lime tinged terpene found commonly in fruity cannabis favourites. 

The sweet taste of sherbet in this hybrid strain, complete with a slight hint of spice, comes via a combination of myrcene and caryophyllene, a mix of familiar OG Kush terps from the Dank Genetics seed company creating a blend of original and old skool Afghan-style flavours and aromas.

Lemonaid Sherbet Strain Effects

Expect to sit back and smile for a long time as a result of Lemonaid Sherbet. The effects of this pungent, THC heavy strain may be strong, but they are not couch-locking. A euphoric sense of happiness will dominate shortly after this feminized cannabis strain starts to do its work, combining with an overwhelming sense of chill.

Expect some creativity to follow too, while the body may be relaxed, the mind will be energetic, and hour plus sessions of deep and meaningful conversation is pretty much guaranteed.

Lemonaid Sherbet Strain Medical Benefits

The medical potential is all over the marijuana genetics of this Lemonaid OG x Sunset Sherbert strain. Many of the parent strains of these seeds are reported to aid with the relief of headaches and migraines, and the same possibility exists here. The relaxing effects and the terpene profile, full of traditional medicine favourites, offer the chance to relieve migraine symptoms for those who regularly suffer from this issue.

Limonene is also believed to provide relief for anxiety symptoms, while the presence of caryophyllene also helps to provide these fem cannabis seeds with potential relief for stress and anxiety, and possibly assisting those with sleeping issues. 

How to Grow Lemonaid Sherbet Strain Seeds

Growing time can vary a fair bit with these female seeds from Dank Genetics. In some cases, the high yield of succulent buds can be ready in 8 weeks, other times it may take as long as 11 weeks from germination. One thing that is always true, however, is these feminised cannabis seeds will be worth the wait for growers.

Outdoor gardeners can expect an October yield either in warm climates or through the use of a greenhouse. The balance of indica and sativa here means the plant can grow relatively tall, while still having the density of more compact plants. 

Come harvest time, growers will receive a healthy yield of sweet lemon smelling, orange-tinged nuggs whether cultivating these serious seeds indoors or outdoors.