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Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties

by Dank Genetics

Dank Sherbert is the Dank Genetics seed company’s version of the seed bank favourite Sunset Sherbert, a sweet and fruity, indica-dominant hybrid strain. With a hearty lineage and a high THC level, these feminized cannabis seeds combine kush, diesel, and cookies strains to create a party on the taste buds that everyone’s invited to!

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Dank Sherbert Strain Genetics

Dank Sherbert, like its predecessor Sunset Sherbert, is the result of some intriguing genetics. The direct parent strains of this feminized cannabis are both legends in their own right, Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties.

The lineage extends further, however, with the parentage of these strains meaning Dank Sherbert can boast seed bank staples OG Kush and Chemdawg in its family tree. There’s a lot this heritage promises, high THC, unique flavours, a relaxing, cerebral buzz, and this Dank Genetics hybrid delivers all that and so much more.

Dank Sherbert Strain Terpene Profile

Classic genetics means a classic terpene profile, resulting in vintage flavours, combined in the best possible way. The peppery, fruity, herbal, fuel-spiced mix of tastes and aromas comes primarily from well-known cannabis terpenes.

The most common terpene in marijuana strains, myrcene, provides the base for the old school flavour, while the spicy diesel flavours come from caryophyllene. There’s more than a dash of lemon and lime in the taste on the tongue too, creating a fruity scent on the exhale. This comes as a result of the presence of the citrus terpene, limonene.

Dank Sherbert Strain Effects

Known by many as the heir apparent to the legend that is GSC, Dank Sherbert (like Sunset Sherbert) has the same blissful buzz that its mother strain is so well known for. Happy euphoria, combined with an overwhelming sense of chill, gives off the perfect high, which benefits from being both fast-acting and long-lasting.

A creativity boost is definitely possible here, but if that doesn’t happen, you’ll be too blissed out from this high THC (around 20%) cannabis strain to mind!

Dank Sherbert Strain Medical Benefits

Nothing softens stress like a clear and happy mind, which is why Sunset Sherbert (and therefore Dank Sherbert), like GSC before it, enjoys popularity as a medical cannabis for alleviating the effects of stress and anxiety, potentially softening both the severity and the duration of symptoms.

The medical marijuana genetics and the terpene profile (especially caryophyllene and myrcene) of this hybrid Dank Genetics strain may aid in the relief of pain, including the symptoms of chronic pain.

How to Grow Dank Sherbert Strain Seeds

A higher than average yield and a mule kick level THC content earns these feminized cannabis seeds forgiveness for not being the fastest of growers, taking up to 11 weeks to grow from germination (although 9 weeks is possible). Indoor growers will appreciate the short and stubby plants, especially considering the density of nugs with amazing colours that appear at harvest time, adorned in glorious colours, not to mention a white coat of crystal trichomes.

Outdoor growers can expect to harvest around mid-October, although it should be noted that these feminised seeds appreciate a warm climate. As such, growers outside of the Mediterranean or similar weather conditions should consider indoor growth, or at least growing in a greenhouse. 

However, no matter which method you choose to cultivate these indica/sativa hybrid cannabis seeds, expect a generous yield of pungent, fruity-smelling, beautiful-looking, dark purple buds with dashes of orange colours to greet you when it’s time to harvest!