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Now n Later x Dank Sherbert

by Dank Genetics

These tantalising Dank n Later feminised cannabis seeds at our seed bank come from the fine minds at Dank Genetics. The seed company is well known for creating unique blends of marijuana strains, and this slightly indica leaning hybrid strain is no different.

These tantalising Dank n Later feminised cannabis seeds come from the fine minds at Dank Genetics. The seeds co. is well known for creating unique blends of marijuana strains, and this slightly indica-leaning hybrid is no different.

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Dank n Later Strain Genetics

It doesn’t take a super-sleuth to work out the genetics of Dank n Later. The parent strains here are Now n Later x Dank Sherbert, two strains which are, in themselves, relatively new to the recreational market. 

The more notable names can be found a generation up, however, in the shape of cannabis seeds popular with seed bank connoisseurs, including popular potent legends Zkittlez, Sunset Sherbert, and Strawberry Diesel. 

With such an impressive lineage, with healthy doses of kush and cookies, it should come as no surprise that Dank n Later boasts a remarkably high THC level (well over 20%).

Dank n Later Strain Terpene Profile

As the fruity flavours and colourful lineage of this hybrid cannabis strain make clear, a lot is going on within the terpene profile of Dank n Later from Dank Genetics Seeds.

One of the most apparent flavours is a tingle of sweet, candy-style hoppy lemon on the exhale, this is caused by a combination of terpenes, the citrus hints of limonene, and the hops-filled flavours of humulene.

A strong, fuel-tinged hint of creaminess is more than noticeable on the inhale from this hybrid strain, handed down by Strawberry Diesel through the spicy terpene caryophyllene, while linalool adds a slight floral edge to all the flavours, softening everything to create a perfect blend.

Dank n Later Strain Effects

While the Dank Genetics seed company is known for creating powerful strains, Dank n Later may still come as a surprise. This magnificent monster has quite the punch in store, even for the seasoned smoker. It’s highly advisable to be sitting down when this feminized cannabis strain kicks in and then deciding if standing up is a good idea later!

Chances are, however, the heady, cerebral high and full-body relaxing buzz of this 60/40 indica/sativa strain will make your couch feel like the most comfortable place ever invented in the history of comfy seating. You can expect a chatty, giggly effect to take place after a while, once the popping flavours start to leave the tongue, but don’t be surprised if this isn’t immediate, you may need some time to adapt!

Dank n Later Strain Medical Benefits

The medical marijuana genetics of this Dank Genetics strain, contained within its impressive lineage are clear from the relaxing effects. While there is the potential that the potency of this feminized strain may help to alleviate pain, most consumers speak of a relatively instant feeling of stress relief.

The terpene combination, especially from linalool and limonene, also give this feminized cannabis the potential to aid in the lessening of depressions symptoms, thanks to the lingering upbeat buzz from this high THC, low CBD strain, combined with the stress reduction mentioned above.

How to Grow Dank n Later Strain Seeds

Stocky, dense, and sturdy, these fast-flowering cannabis seeds rapidly bloom into indica leaning, vigorous plants that can battle the elements with aplomb during outdoor cultivation. While we wouldn’t recommend growers attempting these seeds in hurricane season (outside of a greenhouse), Dank n Later tends to deal better with slightly adverse weather conditions than the average cannabis strain.

Indoor growers can expect to be delighted by this potent Princess of a feminised cannabis strain. With stocky, but not particularly wide-spreading plants (thanks to indica taking dominance over sativa in the genetics) producing a higher than average yield of dense and resinous buds from these female seeds in as little as eight weeks.