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Cup Cookies x Dank Sherbert

by Dank Genetics

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Dank Gelato, an indica-dominant hybrid from Dank Genetics that packs a fruity and kushy punch. This powerful strain produces potent buds and above-average yields and is a real sweet treat for cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs alike.

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Dank Gelato Seeds Strain Genetics

Dank Gelato feminized seeds are the brilliant birth child of two U.S.A genetic masterpieces: Cup Cookies and Dank Sherbert from Dank Genetics seed company. 

Dank Sherbert, an Indica-dominant strain born from a cross of Sunset Sherbert x Sunset Sherbert, passes on superstar genetics like a fruity flavour profile, well-branched buds and tantalising purple hues to its offspring while the popular Cup Cookies clone offers its high THC levels and sweet aroma.

With potent heavyweight parent strains, it’s no surprise that a high-quality eye-catching strain like Dank Gelato shines through with potent buds, high yields and a fruity flavour that will melt in your mouth.

Dank Gelato Strain Terpene Profile

While the terpene profile for Dank Gelato is still being developed/under analysis, we can use information from the parent strains to make an educated guess on the terpenes present in this potent hybrid. 

We know that thanks to the rare dankness of a Cup Cookies x Dank Sherbert splice, Dank Gelato offers an abundance of fruit and kush flavours and aromas as well as an unmatched potency that’s to be expected with Dank Genetics strain creations. 

This is likely influenced by the DNA genetics and creamy citric terpene profile of Dank Sherbert, which boasts high levels of limonene and myrcene

Dank Gelato Strain Effects

Sit back and relax as you enjoy the intense organoleptic and cerebral effect of this mouth-watering indica-dominant strain. Dank Gelato is the perfect treat after a long day at work when you want to unwind with your favourite show and snacks. 

With high THC levels mixed with influence from the parent strains, you can expect a body high that penetrates deep into the muscles as well as an elevated flavour palate.

Dank Gelato Strain Medical Benefits

Medical marijuana patients who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety can potentially benefit from the calming and relaxing therapeutic effects of this indica-dominant hybrid strain.

However, as a high THC strain (pushing as high as 25%), this one comes with a disclaimer. As a new cannabis user, you may want to proceed with caution — Dank Gelato can be potent and intense. It’s best to ease into this strain over time to give your body a chance to adjust. 

How to Grow Dank Gelato Strain

Dank Gelato cannabis seeds are moderately easy to grow and produce sturdy, stocky plants that offer growers above-average yields.

Available as feminised seeds from the MGS seed bank, this strain has a flowering time of 8-10 weeks and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Cultivators can expect an impressively bountiful yield of 450-500g per m2.

Whether you choose to grow this strain indoors or outdoors, Dank Gelato female seeds rewards growers with potent and colourful buds that boast delectable sugary white trichomes that sparkle like the brightest of cannabis stars.