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Sunset Sherbet x Banana OG

by Dank Genetics

A sweet and tangy indica-dominant hybrid with funky fruit overtones, Dank Bananas, marks another marijuana masterpiece for the folks at Dank Genetics and the perfect psychoactive treat for the soul. 

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Dank Bananas Strain Genetics

Based in the UK, Dank Genetics is rapidly making a name for themselves as purveyors of top-quality cannabis seeds and Dank Bananas is one of their latest releases to utilise Dank Sherbert – one of the seed company’s best-selling marijuana strains.

This Dank Genetics original, created from an S1 cross of Sunset Sherbet, boasts some beautiful colours and potent indica-leaning psychoactive effects that borrow heavily from its Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies heritage. When paired with an elite Banana OG plant, another creeping indica heavyweight with a pungent fruit aroma, this popular medical marijuana strain takes on a new identity, making Dank Bananas an excellent choice for all your marijuana needs.

Dank Bananas Strain Terpene Profile

Well deserving of its name, this strain boasts a pungent organoleptic profile that’s dominated by the taste and smell of overripe bananas; a carryover of its Banana OG parent plant. These intense banana flavours are met with the fruity creaminess of Dank Sherbet, which introduces classic GSC accents and hints sugared red berries, leaving a sweetness on the tongue upon the exhale.

This tropical terp concoction is the product of a variety of aromatic hydrocarbons known as terpenes, which give cannabis its iconic and unmistakable aroma. Limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene are the primary compounds in play in Dank Bananas and fans of strong-tasting fruit phenos like Gelato will be overjoyed with its delightfully exotic aesthetic. 

Dank Bananas Strain Effects

Dank Bananas comes from a long line of heavy-hitting indica strains like GSC and OG Kush and boasts a similar staggering potency. Long-lasting, as with all Dank Genetics releases, and opening with a powerful, sativa-style cerebral blast, like Banana OG, this one is a creeper, and it’s best not to underestimate its impact, which can leave those who over imbibe in a near-comatose state before sleepiness and hunger set it.

Couchlock is inevitable for those with low THC tolerance, so MGS advises saving this strain for after-hours consumption. However, cannabis enthusiasts in the market for something a little more impactful really need look no further.

Dank Bananas Medical Benefits

Since its release, Dank Sherbert has become a hugely popular medical strain in North American cannabis dispensaries and these feminised seeds inherit many of the same therapeutic qualities.

As a high THC, low CBD cultivar that’s also full of myrcene, Dank Bananas has a particularly intense sedative impact. Hops and lemongrass, both myrcene-rich plants, have been used for centuries as sleep aids and this strain may offer a similar benefit to those who have insomnia. 

Working in synergy with limonene and caryophyllene, this terpene can also serve as a muscle relaxant, helping to loosen aching limbs and ease pain. 

How to Grow Dank Bananas Seeds

As with all Dank Genetics’ strains, Dank Bananas guarantees growers high production rates from both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Generating impressive average yields of around 600-700g per plant with modest flowering times of 9-10 weeks from germination, this photoperiod strain is also wide branching and vigorous and will adapt to most greenhouse setups. 

Like Dank Sherbert, cultivators can expect plenty of attractive purple colours during this vigorous plant’s flowering phase, accompanied by pink and orange pistils and a thick layer of sticky white trichomes covering. 

Growing this Banana OG x Dank Sherbert cross might be more challenging than other flowering types or your average autoflowering strain, but compared to other strains, cultivation is practically a cakewalk.