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Atomic OG x Sunset Sherbert

by Dank Genetics

Fresh from Dank Genetics Seed company and straight to our seed bank, these Atomic Sherbet feminised cannabis seeds grow into a balanced sativa/indica hybrid with genetics brimming with the greatest of kush and cookies strains. Resulting in a potent marijuana with a powerful terpene profile.

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Atomic Sherbet Strain Genetics

One of Dank Genetics’ ever-growing new school cannabis strains, Atomic Sherbet is well-named considering its parent strains, namely Atomic OG and Sunset Sherbert. These two strains are growing in popularity, but it is their respective parents, ChemDawg and OG Kush, and Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, all bonafide seed bank favourites, that give this strain its impressive heritage.

That’s a lot of kush strains, along with some sweet aromas and some petrol heavy, savoury flavours that blend to create the unique personality of Atomic Sherbet. The high THC level is also a loving gift, handed down from the higher branches of the family tree of these cannabis seeds.

Atomic Sherbet Strain Terpene Profile

These fast flowering feminised seeds grow into leafy plants that produce buds with a wide array of flavours thanks to the intriguing terpene profile of this Dank Genetics strain.

There’s sweet, fruity flavours at play here, with a strong citrus hint created by limonene. The chemical, fuel-like overtones on the inhale, handed down from ChemDawg, come via caryophyllene, a spice, peppery terpene. The herbal, classic scent of kush that hovers in the air after exhale are the product of myrcene, a common cannabis terpene, famed for its vintage, almost skunk-like aroma and taste.

Atomic Sherbet Strain Effects

Atomic by name, atomic by nature, this high THC strain is an absolute beast, in the best possible way. Far from a couch-lock inducing strain, these feminised seeds are likely to create such a sense of heady euphoria that you might just be hugging everyone you know within minutes!

This intense, happy sensation will be followed, after a time, with a full-body buzz, filled to the tipping point with relaxing vibes, making this a great social smoke, as well as a great choice of strain to help you chill after a busy day.

Atomic Sherbet Strain Medical Benefits

The joyous effects of Atomic Sherbert will remove all sense of stress very quickly. It is no surprise, therefore, that this cannabis strain is considered by many to boast medical marijuana genetics for those living with anxiety. The short-term stress relief provided by one of OG Kush’s favourite grandchildren can aid with alleviating the symptoms of anxiety-related conditions, at least temporarily.

Another benefit of the effects of this strain, and another potential medical cannabis use, is in aiding with the battle against insomnia. Those who have chronic issues sleeping may find that this kush heavy strain, like Sunset Sherbert and Atomic OG before it, aids in slowing down those intrusive thoughts and assisting with a relaxing night’s sleep.

How to Grow Atomic Sherbet Strain Seeds

These female cannabis seeds are unpredictable in terms of growing time. Often fast-flowering with tight internodes, these seeds can be ready in as little as eight weeks or can take up to 11 weeks from germination before fully achieving their potential. Some regular pruning and light changes and these feminised seeds should produce hefty and dense nuggets with gorgeous colouring.

Outside, these feminised seeds, which lean more to the sativa side than the indica in terms of growing traits, can take a while, with a high yield expected to fluff up to full size around late October, meaning greenhouses are recommended for growers living outside of very warm climates and looking for serious results. 

However you choose to grow these Atomic Sherbert cannabis seeds, the terpenes will let off some potent scents pretty soon in the growth cycle, making sure you get excited early for the blissful experience that is to come from the nuggets of this high THC strain. Get it on your wishlist today!