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by Crockett Family Farm

Tangieland regular cannabis seeds are a fast-flowering offering from DNA Genetics via Crockett Family Farms. This heavily indica-dominant hybrid provides a high yield of colourful buds, delivering a euphoric, calming full-body buzz.

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Tangieland Strain Genetics

The Tangieland lineage combines two popular cannabis strains at seedbank Crockett Family Farms, both notable for their unique flavour, Tangie (California Orange x Skunk #1) and Candyland (Grandaddy Purple x Bay Platinum Cookies). The first thing this colourful (literally) heritage ensures is spectacular looking buds, combining greens, oranges and purples under a thick coat of crystal trichomes.

Add to that the guarantee of a potent, pungent, delectable flavour and the family tree is already paying off. In case that isn’t enough, though, you can throw high yields, a steep THC content (up to 25%) and a fast-acting, long-lasting high to the genetic gifts too!

Tangieland Strain Terpene Profile

There are a handful of terpenes at play, creating the Tanglieland flavour profile that blends the beautiful combination of Tangie’s citrus-tinged, tropical sourness and the creamy sweetness of Candyland. The fruity tones rise above all else here, thanks to one of Tangieland’s abundant terpenes, limonene.

Also present are caryophyllene (spicy), myrcene (herbal), pinene (piney), and humulene (hoppy) all of which provide a little extra to the flavours and smells, creating sour on the inhale, sweet on the exhale, and a herby, earthy-scented cloud lingers long into the night.

Tangieland Strain Effects

This marijuana strain from DNA Genetics Seeds takes the uplifting, energetic effects of sativa favourite Tangie and rounds the edges by combining it with Candyland’s calming effects, creating a balanced, gentle high despite the high Tangieland THC level.

This two-step buzz is a pleasing accompaniment to the end of a workday, starting with an uplifting, cerebral high and mental clarity that lends itself to conversation or a few end of day chores. Subsequently, your mind and body will slip gently onto a cushion of relaxation, preparing you for a night of deep and uninterrupted sleep. 

Tangieland Strain Medical Benefits

The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes at play within this hybrid cannabis strain give potential Tangieland medical benefits for those living with stress-related issues. The combination of uplifting and calming should create an environment in which the effects of stress and relieved if not alleviated.

These Tangieland medical seeds may also reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, in both sporadic and long-term cases. The rich and diverse terpene profile, together with the high THC content, should provide relief for these issues and potentially aid sleep as a result.

How to Grow Tangieland Strain Seeds

The Tangieland flowering time is rapid and can be expected to be somewhere between 8 and 9 weeks from germination for indoor growers. A pleasingly swift grow time for regular seeds (feminized seeds are not available), especially when considering the Tangieland yield, which can reach in excess of 500g/m2.  However, it is important to be aware that, the aroma from these cannabis plants can travel and is not the most discreet, so be sure your grow room is well ventilated with some carbon filters.

If you’re growing Tangieland regular seeds outside, we highly recommend a greenhouse as these marijuana plants do not appreciate the cold at all. Warmer climates should be okay for outdoor growers.

Growers will enjoy the stable, uniform plants that develop a heavy coating of trichomes during the blooming period and with a healthy yield of pungent-scented, resin-coated buds expected by early to mid-October.