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by Crockett Family Farm

Sour Juice is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid from Amsterdam based DNA Genetics via Crockett Family Farms. Fast-flowering, high-yielding cannabis seeds, Sour Juice blends tropical fruits with sour, tangy flavours to create a truly tempting treat for even the most discerning of cannabis consumers.

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Sour Juice Strain Genetics

The Sour Juice lineage combines the fruity smoothness of Juice with the sour, spicy-tinted gassiness of the epic Cannabis Cup winner, Sour Diesel. This blend of classic and modern strains weaves together a stunning tale of flavours and aromas that create a unique combination.

Crockett Farms is well known for its careful and complex selection process, and that ensures Sour Juice marijuana seeds gain the best traits from both parents, including big buds, wonderful sour chem flavours, and a high THC content of over 20%.

Sour Juice Strain Terpene Profile

The dominant flavour to emerge from the two sides of Sour Juice’s genetics is the tropical citrus fruit tone that punctuates the inhale. This potent taste is caused by one of Sour Juice’s dominant terpenes, limonene.

There’s a lot more going on in the taste and aroma profile here though, thanks to the unique terpene profiles of the parent strains. Sour Juice flavours include diesel scented spiciness, coming from another abundant terpene, caryophyllene, as well as a delectable herbal Kush undertone on exhale, provided by myrcene, the classic cannabis terpene.

Sour Juice Strain Effects

Sour Juice takes the uplifting, energetic, creativity inducing a feeling of Sour Diesel, and mixes it with the more relaxing effects of Juice, combining the two to create a phenomenal high, a euphoric nirvana that provides a huge sense of comfort without numbing your senses.

Not necessarily a daytime strain, primarily due to the Sour Juice THC level, a social evening, or a night spent chilling on your own can both be enhanced beautifully by the fast-acting effects of this cannabis strain from DNA Genetics Seeds.

Sour Juice Strain Medical Benefits

An intriguing variety can be found in the potential Sour Juice medical benefits. On one side, the strong relaxing vibe from the Sour Juice THC level can aid with the relief of insomnia. Allowing not only for a deep and peaceful sleep but also creative and fun dreams.

On the other side, the creativity and energy caused by the Sour Diesel genetic background of this hybrid strain can offer support for those dealing with feelings of fatigue, especially later in the day. These Sour Juice medical seeds may add a boost to energy towards the end of the day, for that all-important second wind.

How to Grow Sour Juice Strain Seeds

When growing Sour Juice regular seeds (feminised seeds are not currently available), you’ll find that these plants don’t grow too high, but still manage to deliver a lot, showing some indica traits. The Sour Juice marijuana seeds are huge yielders considering the diminutive stature of the plants, giving out upwards of 500g/m2 for indoor growers, with a growth time of just 8 to 10 weeks from germination.

Outdoor and greenhouse gardeners will also find the Sour Juice flowering time pleasingly swift, with these marijuana seeds ready to go by early October at the latest, with large, heavy nugs decorating the fully grown plants. Those buds have a pleasing light green colour, punctuated by an abundance of trichomes, orange hairs and a resinous coating and a sticky feel. A stunningly fruity aroma fills your grow room before harvest time, making you feel a little like you’re in a tropical rainforest!