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Banana Sherbert x Tangie

by Crockett Family Farm

Double Tangie Banana from the Crockett Family Farms product line by DNA Genetics is a 60/40 sativa hybrid. A strain specially created to combine resin producing qualities and a refreshing taste.

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Double Tangie Banana Strain Genetics

Double Tangie Banana is a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid that is said to be the product Banana Sherbert and DNA Genetics’ Tangie. Tangie derives from the California Orange family which was used to create other zesty classics such as Tangerine Dream. DNA took advantage of this to infuse fruity and exotic scents with the sour Banana Sherbert. It reached 2nd place in the Sativa Concentrate category for the 2015 Norcal Medical Cup.

Double Tangie Banana Strain Effects

Double Tangie Banana produces a euphoric and energetic high that takes a few minutes to kick in. When it does, a rush inspires the mind and lightens the limbs. Many find this motivating, reinvigorating boost to bring a relaxed, focused, and determined frame of mind. Although the hybrid’s sativa side is more dominant, its joyful head-high should not become too overwhelming. A quality cannabis strain for studying or adventuring the outdoors.

Double Tangie Banana Strain Terpene Profile

Double Tangie Banana is 1 part sour and 2 parts citrus. It retains the sour and diesel aroma of Banana Sherbet while infusing with the powerful citrus scent of the Tangie side. Taste-inspired cannaisseurs are sure to enjoy the refreshed flavours Double Tangie Banana has to offer.

Medical Benefits Double Tangie Banana Strain

This strain may be used for medical purposes, mostly to treat symptoms of stress,anxiety, and lack of appetite. It has been popular among users who wish to enjoy the medical benefits of a sativa, without the potential hyper-stimulating effect. Users report that the sativa effects produce feelings of instant euphoria in a clear-minded way.

How to Grow Double Tangie Banana Seeds

This strain was partly created by DNA Genetics to produce resin concentrates. While Double Tangie Banana grows, expect to see frosty trichomes on its leaves. It takes about 9 weeks for it to flower – quite fast considering its sativa dominant lineage – and produces a considerable yield.

The hybrid reaches a moderate to tall height and is recommended for outdoor cultivation with the harvest date at the end of September.