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Crockett Farm Secret x Guava Dawg

by Crockett Family Farm

Crockett’s Dawg is one of several hybridizations DNA Genetics has done with the Crockett Farm Secret strain and is sold under the special Crockett Family Farms brand name.

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Crockett’s Dawg Strain Genetics

Crockett’s Dawg is one of several combinations DNA Genetics has made with the strain named Crockett Farm Secret. This particular strain is the result of crossing CFS with the fruity and exotic Guava Dawg, making Crockett’s Dawg a 60/40 hybrid.   

Crockett’s Dawg Strain Effects

As a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid, Crockett’s Dawg is a strain that brings the best of both worlds. Its indica side helps to loosen muscles and calm racing thoughts. While its sativa genetics lighten the body with a mildly energizing, social buzz. A happy, pleasantly balanced effect.     

Crockett’s Dawg Strain Terpene Profile 

The terpene profile of Crockett’s Dawg gives of an exotic blend of guava fruit and grape aromas that will please all lovers of fruity cannabis strains. This complements the classic Kush aroma of spicy herbs that carry the rich, hash-like scent we all know and love.                

Medical Benefits Crockett’s Dawg Strain

What goes for the well-balanced effects of Crockett’s Dawg also goes for its medicinal application. Its muscle-relaxing indica effects have the potential to help with general aches and pains. While its sativa mood-lift may help those coping with stress, anxiety, or depression.

How to Grow Crockett’s Dawg Seeds

Crockett’s Dawg is a breeze to grow. It will perform equally well in both outdoor and indoor environments. That being said, in more frigid climates, like that of Northern Europe, it is better to plant Crockett’s Dawg inside or greenhouse. This happy hybrid will produce dense buds oozing with sticky resin in  8 – 9 weeks