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Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie

by Concrete Jungle Seeds

Wedding Cake from Concrete Jungle Seeds bank is a potent hybrid strain with a high THC level and fruity flavour. A Cannabis Cup winner, Wedding Cake has a DNA profile packed with famous names including Cherry Pie, OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies.

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Wedding Cake Strain Genetics

Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies, and less regularly, Pink Panties, is the love child of indica strains Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. The combination of these two popular hybrid indica strains has resulted in a high in THC content masterpiece that claimed a cannabis cup in 2018 for Best Indica Flower.

With OG Kush and Durban Poison also present in the DNA genetics of this high THC strain, you can expect a swift, potent, full-body high that creates a wonderful sense of relaxation and euphoria.

Wedding Cake Strain Terpene Profile

As the name suggests, there is something of a sweetness to this hybrid strain, with its fruity, tangy flavour and aroma created by an intriguing terpene profile, which also has the potential to provide several health benefits. 

Limonene is the primary terpene found in the Wedding Cake strain, providing the citrus scent, and tangy, yet sweet flavour on the exhale.

Limonene is thought to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Also present in this high THC strain is caryophyllene, which adds a peppery kick to the taste and is also known for its potential anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Additionally, the presence of myrcene (the most commonly found terpene in cannabis) provides that famous cannabis herbal scent. Myrcene is said to have pain-relieving and anti-anxiety potential. 

Wedding Cake Strain Effects

This hybrid cannabis strain is known for packing a powerful punch thanks to the high THC level that averages close to 20%. As such, Wedding Cake leans far more towards relaxing than uplifting, it fills the consumer with inner peace more than energy. The high THC content found in Wedding Cake makes this cannabis strain both fast-acting and long-lasting. 

Indeed, this is not a cannabis strain particularly conducive to getting stuff done, making it the perfect after-work choice. Alternatively, if you have a bit of free time,  a slice of this Wedding Cake can set you up nicely for a day of restful inactivity.

Wedding Cake Medical Benefits

The terpenes present in Wedding Cake cannabis seeds have the potential to offer pain relief, as well as offering anti-inflammatory properties. 

As a result, this high THC, hybrid 2018 cannabis cup winner is a popular form of medical marijuana, especially for those who suffer from chronic pain, migraines, and other pain-related conditions. 

With limonene having potential pain-relieving properties, caryophyllene binding to cannabinoid receptors which help to control pain. Myrcene also has the possible ability to enhance the effects of other terpenes, the terpene profile of Wedding Cake is certainly promising when it comes to pain relief. 

The relaxing effect of these quick flowering high yielding seeds makes them a popular choice of medical marijuana amongst consumers with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. The presence of myrcene potentially offering stress-relief as well as relaxation. 

How to Grow Wedding Cake seeds

The Wedding Cake strain is not easy to grow in comparison to other hybrid strains and is not recommended for first-time growers. However, more experienced cannabis growers will find these to be relatively quick flowering high yielding seeds.

Indoor growing is recommended where possible with the plants reaching flowering time after 8-9 weeks. If growing Wedding Cake cannabis seeds outside, warm, dry climates are best, and harvest time will usually be around October. 

Maintenance is necessary throughout, as this marijuana seed can grow outwards, especially if you are growing inside. There is no auto seeds variety of Wedding Cake, so regular light changes are also necessary. 

If you are looking to buy wedding cake seeds, look no further. Our friends at Concrete Jungle seeds bank have developed an award-winning cannabis strain not to be missed.  Wedding Cake (or Pink Cookies) marijuana seed is a quick flowering, high THC strain that while challenging to grow, is certainly worth the extra effort.