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OG Kush

by Concrete Jungle Seeds

San Fernando Valley OG (or SFV OG) marijuana is a popular sativa-dominant hybrid strain from Concrete Jungle Seeds. The calming, euphoric buzz offered by this potent strain has made it a new favourite among cannabis enthusiasts, following in the footsteps of its legendary parent, OG Kush. 

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SFV OG Strain Genetics

As the name suggests, this child of the world-famous OG Kush strain has its roots in California’s San Fernando Valley. SFV OG is the parent of several strains including Peyton Manning and the remarkably named Corleone Kush the Don Cut, but its most famous child is, of course, SFV OG Kush

The similarity in names between the two is somewhat confusing, but SFV OG Kush is actually the child of the original SVG OG (the OG, if you will) crossed with Afghani. Some may suggest the offspring of OG Kush has reached a critical mass, but if these strains are anything to go by, there might be a lot more to come!

SFV OG Strain Terpene Profile

SFV OG cannabis seeds will grow to have an intense fragrance and a terpene profile that consists of myrcene, pinene, limonene, and caryophyllene. Strain hunters who enjoy OG Kush for its lemony and earthy smell will be happy to find this reflected in the aroma of SFV OG.

With high myrcene levels, SFV OG has classic herbal tones, with myrcene creating that well-known cannabis aroma and herby flavour on inhale and exhale, while pinene adds a touch of earthy forest scent to that unique OG aroma. 

Also present in SFV OG is limonene, providing a notable citrus lemon scent and a tingle on the tongue that lingers on the exhale. With a peppery, spicy aftertaste, the presence of caryophyllene adds that noticeable kick on the inhale that will ensure you never forget this particularly flavourful marijuana strain. 

SFV OG Strain Effects

Like the cup winners in its DNA genetics, this high THC strain (pushing 20%) provides feelings of relaxation, happiness and euphoria. Not heavy so as to leave you locked on the couch, but instead creating a light pressure on your mind and body thanks to the presence of myrcene. 

As this sativa-dominant strain contains limonene, it may potentially improve your creativity levels and focus, providing an uplifting sensation, making this a sensible morning or afternoon strain, and also a smooth and relaxing night time option.

SFV OG Strain Medical Benefits

The presence of myrcene, hailed for its potent anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant effects makes SFV OG a popular medical marijuana choice for those suffering from muscle spasms, and joint pain. Also present is limonene which may also help to reduce inflammation and could help with symptoms of chronic pain. 

Also present in SFV OG’s terpene profile is caryophyllene – The only terpene to bind to cannabinoid receptors, similarly to THC and is thought to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

How to Grow SFV OG Seeds?

Concrete Jungle Seeds developed SFV OG cannabis seeds to be grown either indoors or outdoors in a warm, dry climate. Growing guides suggest SFV OG prefers the SOG growing method and will complete its indoor flowering time in around 60 to 70 days.

SFV OG will reward strain hunters with delightful compact, dense, and resinous buds and while San Fernando Valley OG flowers can be on the smaller side, their pungent aroma and effects more than makes up for it.

The SFV OG cannabis plant dictates that temperatures should be stable to avoid a failed batch. As for the optimal vegetation duration, about 20 days should be enough. Overall, you can expect a medium to high yield from this much-loved San Fernando Valley descendant of OG Kush.