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Gorilla Glue #4 x Zkittlez

by Concrete Jungle Seeds

Created by Concrete Jungle Seeds, Concrete Zkittlez is an exceptional indica dominant hybrid with a sweet and fruity scent that will leave you calm and relaxed. Hailing from a robust genetic background of parent strains Gorilla Glue and Zkittlez, this powerful cannabis strain delivers a heavy harvest after a flowering time of just eight weeks.

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Concrete Zkittlez Strain Genetics

This incredible cannabis strain is the result of a crossing between two award-winning super strains from California – Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) also known as Original Glue (OG) and Zkittlez.

After winning the High Times Michigan Cup and High Times Amsterdam Cup in 2014, Gorilla Glues heavyweight seeds took the world by storm due to the plant’s powerful and heavy-hitting experience. Zkittlez, an indica dominant strain, the winner of the Emerald Cup, shines because of its fruity taste and aroma.

Zkittlez marijuana seeds were masterfully crafted to produce a pleasant blend of fruity flavours resulting in euphoric and physically relaxing effects.  

The final product by Concrete Jungle Seeds combines the best of both cup winners into these next-generation seeds. Delivering a fruity hybrid cannabis plant that combines the monster genetics from both sides of its Cali connection; the wonderful taste of Zkittlez and powerful punch of GG4. 

Concrete Zkittlez Strain Terpene Profile 

With its rich lineage of dank genetics, Concrete Zkittlez cannabis seeds carry an exciting terpene profile that inherits caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene from its GG4 and Zkittlez parents. The strain acquires a delicious after-taste and sweet aroma of fruity candy flavours from its parent Zkittlez. 

As a result of intelligent breeding, Concrete Jungle Seeds have created their improved version Zkittlez strain with connoisseur genetics, well-known among cannabis enthusiast for its nostalgic fragrance and exquisite taste. The abundance of terpenes of this indica dominant strain delivers an experience for the senses that strain hunters will find unforgettably delightful.

Concrete Zkittlez Strain Effects 

A magnificently potent and popular seed variety, with a THC content beyond 20%. These cannabis seeds are considered ideal for the more experienced marijuana consumers and seed stockers. The cannabinoid profile of this high THC strain is loaded with terpenes which make this indica sativa hybrid a potentially great choice for stress, depression and chronic pain.

Given the dank genetics of Concrete Zkittlez feminised seeds, this marijuana plant offers an explosion of flavours on the senses, sweet and tangy taste combined with fruity notes ranging from grapefruit to lime with a diesel-like background. The unique combination of Gorilla Glue and Zkittlez has a positive, calming, and physically relaxing effect with a long-lasting high.

Concrete Zkittlez Strain Medical Benefits

Concrete Zkittlez cannabis seeds can potentially fight off stress, depression, and anxiety. These mind-calming effects are due to the rich terpene profile.

High THC strains may also produce physical benefits, such as relief from chronic pain. It might also cause an improvement in appetite, helping out those who have lost their appetite. Its parent strains are well known for their use as medical marijuana. This cannabis strain has acquired a lot of potential benefits from them. 

How to Grow Concrete Zkittlez Seeds

These feminised cannabis seeds created by seeds company Concrete Jungle Seeds are relatively easy to grow and respond well to different cannabis cultivation optimisation techniques such as LST or SCROG. This variety of Zkittlez from Concrete Jungle is available in female seeds, growing relatively large as compared to other indica dominant hybrids, with big apical buds. 

The flowers of this feminised marijuana plant combine attractive colours ranging from light green to pink with the whiteness of the thick resin layer that coats them. Zkittlez from Concrete Jungle has an indoor flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks producing a high yield of 500 – 600 g/m2.