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by Concrete Jungle Seeds

Get ready for a berry blast – Blueberry Auto is here to refresh your taste buds. Quick flowering, easy to grow and full of flavour, these auto seeds produce a truly delicious indica-dominant cannabis strain. Courtesy of renowned seed bank Concrete Jungle Seeds, Blueberry Auto, is the auto-flowering version of legendary cannabis cup winner Blueberry, famed for its fruity character and high potency.

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Blueberry Auto Strain Genetics

The Blueberry strain is the genetic parent of Blueberry Auto and brainchild of American breeder, DJ Short. A legendary hybrid dating back to the 1970s, this multiple cannabis cup winner includes the landrace strain, Afghani in its genetic lineage.

On the other side of the genetic coin is cannabis ruderalis, an autoflowering seed favoured for its impressive resilience and rapid growth. While botanists have yet to decide whether ruderalis is a separate cannabis species or a subspecies, Concrete Jungle Seeds have been busy blending the genetics to produce a delightful autoflowering strain in the shape of fruity Blueberry Auto. 

Blueberry Auto Strain Terpene Profile

As you would expect from such a name, these Blueberry autoflowering cannabis seeds are packed with fruity flavour. This impressively potent blueberry autoflowering cannabis strain inherits a rich terpene profile from its genetic lineage, with a taste reminiscent of – you’ve guessed it – blueberries!

The complex array of terpenes in Blueberry Autoflower includes caryophyllene known for its peppery spice and woody aroma as well as linalool, which adds a sweet floral note. You may notice a subtle earthy musk underneath all those fruity flavours – that’s myrcene, a compound found in hops and thyme while limonene brings a burst of citrus fruit to add a fresh, zesty zing to your palate.

Blueberry Auto Strain Effects

Deeply relaxing and long-lasting, Blueberry Auto acts as a calming sedative ideal for an evening of relaxation. Having a relatively low THC count (around 14%) makes this autoflowering cannabis strain a subtle charmer that is ideal for cannabis newcomers.

With myrcene inherited from its Blueberry strain genetics, auto Blueberry can relax the body while the presence of mood-elevating limonene adds a touch of euphoria. The result is a smooth, slightly cerebral high, which is strong without being too intense. Buckle up and enjoy the long, relaxing ride.

Blueberry Auto Strain Medical Benefits 

Blueberry Autoflowering seeds are thought to have plenty of pain-relieving potential and could be beneficial for those suffering from inflammation. The combination of the analgesic properties of cannabinoids THC and CBD, along with the therapeutic benefits of various terpenes renders Blueberry Auto a medical cannabis strain with tons of therapeutic potential.

Myrcene, the most common terpene found in cannabis strains, is also thought to be effective against pain and inflammation. Add caryophyllene to the mix – another analgesic terpene – and the potential of this autoflowering beauty becomes clear.

Don’t forget about the presence of limonene – this citrusy compound acts as a mood-booster, suggesting this Blueberry offspring could be ideal for those suffering from depression and anxiety.

How to Grow Blueberry Auto Seeds

With an autoflowering strain, it is much easier to grow marijuana, and with such renowned flavours and potency, these auto seeds are well worth a corner in your garden. As you would expect from an auto-flowering type, Blueberry Auto is quick flowering, convenient and easy to grow. A perfect strain for both beginners, these feminised seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors without much fuss.

The autoflowering nature of Blueberry Auto female seeds means you don’t have to fiddle with artificial lighting when using blueberry autoflower seeds and come harvest time, you can expect a bountiful 450g per square meter yield.