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Looking for a cannabis cocktail that’ll really knock you sideways? Zaitai from Clearwater Genetics combines two THC powerhouses into a deadly fruit-punch flavoured indica concoction that’s sure to stir up your night.

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Zaitai Strain Genetics

Zaitai lineage represents one of the most formidable combinations from the Clearwater Genetics seed bank’s latest line of hybrid cannabis strains. Mixing Maitai #4 – a berry flavoured pheno with a monstrously high THC content – with the Animal Cookies x Original Glue combo known as Zookies, these two plants unite to lend this feminized strain a mix of funky and fruity flavours, easy growing credentials, and a level-headed high that hits like a shot of strong liquor.

Zaitai marijuana seeds are intended for growers seeking a strain that maximises the cannabis experience. Meant primarily for experienced users due to its high-than-average cannabinoid content, it’s a robust plant that’s delicious as it is potent, with a sweet and nutty flavour profile to please your taste receptors. 

Zaitai Strain Terpene Profile

Zaitai´ s broad flavour profile is a little tricky yto categorize and features elements from the breadth of the marijuana world. Expect a sweet and nutty cookies taste with heavy hits of blueberry, coupled with refreshing citric flavours and a strong kush undertone. GG#4, aka Original Glue, also lends the strain its chemical bite, which may sting the nostrils a little once this plant is in full flower. Alluring and unusual in equal measure, flavour hunters rejoice because this terp combo is quite like any other available.

Zaitai dominant terpenes include ocimene, caryophyllene, and alpha-pinene. These strong-smelling terps all share a slightly chemical quality, which is what gives Glue strains their slightly noxious fragrance and flavour. When paired with sweeter terps like myrcene and limonene, the result is refined and intensified, leading to a wide-ranging taste profile such as this, which also features many additional medical benefits.

Zaitai Strain Effects

Despite the sticking power of GG#4, Zookies is known for a lighter touch than its predecessor and is unlikely to cause couchlock. However, Zaitai effects also benefit from Maitai’s ferocious impact, making this indica dominant hybrid far more intoxicating. It does have some slightly sativa-like qualities, beginning with a rush of mental energy and freeform thought, but its impact is primarily physical and perfect for punctuating the events of a long and arduous day. 

Incredibly relaxing and enjoyable, just a little taste of this Zookies x Maitai #4 cross is enough to take the edge off, so make sure not to overindulge.

Zaitai THC content hasn’t been made available by Clearwater Genetics, but its impeccable pedigree suggests a figure in the high twenties. Maitai #4 features levels of up to 32%, while Zookies also regularly tests at 25% and upwards, so it’s recommended only experienced users experiment with this high calibre crossbreed. Keep consumption to the evening hours to avoid succumbing to its powerful sleep-inducing effects.

Zaitai Strain Medical Benefits

Zaitai medical seeds are a superb choice for growers seeking dispensary-grade therapeutic relief from pain and inflammation. The strain’s high caryophyllene content and THC levels are the perfect pairing if you’re recovering from a recent injury or suffer from a chronic condition. Providing analgesic relief at the source while also reducing swelling, many patients claim phenotypes such as this can actually be more effective than over-the-counter medications.

Another significant medical aspect of this pheno is its sedative influence. Zaitai medical benefits can offer a temporary solution to insomniacs and those with similar sleep disorders by helping to relax the mind and body and reset circadian rhythms. Cannabis shouldn’t be used habitually to help with sleep, as it can have the opposite effect in the long term, but it can provide the first step towards reducing sleep disruption.

How to Grow Zaitai Strain

Zookies is known as a moderately difficult cannabis plant to rear, but growing Zaitai cannabis seeds is much simpler. Stick to an indoor setup unless you live in a dry, temperate region and consider SCOG or SCROG growth to maximise Zaitai yields. Both of these techniques are designed to optimise bud production in a limited grow space by growing several small plants in a compact area rather than focusing on a few larger specimens. 

As the brand new strain from Clearwater is a medium-sized, bushy cultivar with chunky, brittle buds and big fan leaves, it’s the perfect candidate for this sort of supercropping setup.

Growers may need to invest in odour-reducing methods as this curious cultivar can get a little pungent once it enters flowering. It’s also incredibly sticky and an excellent choice for producing concentrates and extracts if you’re willing to put in the work. the Zaitai strain´s flowering time is around nine-ten weeks from germination, and although not as low effort as an autoflowering strain, this important period of the plant’s life will still be a fairly fuss-free experience if you plan ahead.