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Maitai #4 x 195

by Clearwater Genetics

For those who like to punch the gas but prefer a little sweetness during the race, Redline is a high-octane indica/sativa hybrid from Clearwater Genetics with a duel diesel/fruit flavour and accelerating effects that push the pedal to the metal.

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Redline Genetic Profile

Fresh out of the assembly line, Redline lineage has been carefully manufactured by the folks at Clearwater Genetics seed bank to ensure a winning balance of breakneck effects and a sweet petrol-tinged taste. Jury rigged from a berry-heavy Maitai #4 cut and 195 — a Triangle Kush, Legend OG, and Stardawg triple threat that’s also known as I-95 — this potent indica/sativa marijuana strain is all about maximum overdrive, both in terms of flavour and effects, so buckle up and ready for burn rubber.

With reportedly over 25% THC, this cannabis plant is packing some serious power, and with Redline marijuana seeds from MGS, you can now take a pop at growing this top of the line phenotype at home. Upgrade to a faster, more flavoursome, and formidable model with this custom-built cannabis strain from Clearwater Genetics.

Redline Terpene Profile

Redline flavour and aroma captures all of the fruity ice cream allure of its Mai Tai parent but thrusts it together with an intense OG Kush accent. Heavy and pungent petrol flavours mix with sweet berry, lilac, sharp and flowery mint, and a severe sour skunk funk that’ll make heads turn.

This may cause issues if you’re seeking a discrete grow, but with carbon filters or other simple methods, you can breathe easy knowing its scent won’t stray too far.
Redline abundant terpenes are caryophyllene, alpha-pinene and limonene. Other terps like linalool and myrcene also play a part in its rich tapestry of flavours and effects. Together, these aromatic compounds are also thoughts to augment the various active effects of THC via a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

Redline Strain Effects

A rip-roaring energising journey awaits when you let Redline take the wheel. Once you climb aboard, prepare to be accelerated from 0-100 in seconds, as you’re body begins to tingle with energy and your brain buzzes with THC-fueled euphoria. Although these racing effects will make you keen for social interaction, as soon as this strain reaches top speed, it just as quickly applies the breaks, skidding you toward a state of deep sedation. Redline effects are incredibly intoxicating, so beware of peaking too fast, or you’ll be liable to crash out before the fun has barely started.

As this strain is yet to undergo chemical analysis, we don’t have an accurate figure regarding Redline THC content. However, some reports state that similar to its Maitai parent, it can range between 26-32%. If you’re in the market for a super-strong strain that handles well and features impressively strong indica and sativa effects, get ready for the ride of your life.

Redline Medical Benefits

Redline medical benefits are twofold. On the one hand, it has the energising lift that’s associated with sativa strains, which can be an ideal counterbalance to the symptoms of fatigue or the paralysing effects of social anxiety. Limonene is known for both its stimulating and calming effects, and this balance can help to lessen the panicky physical reactions that can accompany social situations while also boosting mood and inspiring conversation.

In stark contrast, this high THC/low CBD strain also has dispensary-grade sedative effects, which kick in a little later in the high. Due to this powerful secondary stage, Redline medical seeds may also be suitable for growers with sleep disorders like insomnia.

High THC strains often have a soporific edge, and its particularly pronounced in this indica/sativa plant. Depending on your tolerance and dosage, it can be easily as effective as many over the counter sleep aids.

How to Grow Redline Strain

Growing Redline cannabis seeds may require some prior knowledge or experience, as Clearwater has revealed very little about their optimum growing conditions. Indoor setups will provide a greater level of control than if these seeds are sowed directly in the ground, and, as this curious cultivar likely follows a similar growth pattern to its parents, it probably yields medium-sized, indica-leaning crops with decent internodal spacing.

Redline flowering time is typically around nine-ten weeks from germination, allowing you plenty of opportunity to prepare for when these feminised seeds reach this crucial stage of their life cycle.

Both parents also produce chunky neon-green flowers with frosty golden trichomes and are suitable for SOG or SCROG growth. Redline average yields are unknown, but growers can increase their chances of a bigger harvest by feeding their plants regularly and ensuring proper light penetration during the flowering period. Take special care to trim away any larger leaves in the upper canopy that may obscure light reaching the bud sites, or consider techniques like LST and lollipopping, which can help to further increase production rates.