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Kandy Kush

by CBD Crew

CBD Kush has a mix of indica and sativa genetics that impresses with high yields and a satisfying flavor. Both recreational and medical users need not worry, as it has all of the healing properties sought, without the strong psychoactive effects.

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CBD Kush Strain Genetics

Created through a collaboration between the CBD Crew and the inventive Dutch Passion Seeds, CBD Kush is a strain crossed with Kandy Kush and an unspecified CBD-rich strain. It was specifically bred to yield a 1:1 balance between THC and CBD effects, with less of the psychedelic high that comes with high THC concentrations.

CBD Kush Strain Terpene Profile

It has a spicy, herbal taste that hangs around with an aroma that’s very much the same — earthy and dank, with a sweet finish and pinewood undertones. Users wanting to enjoy this in public should note that it produces an indiscreet, harsh and acrid smoke.

CBD Kush Strain Effects

Because it’s high in CBD, effects are mild and serve to be intensely relaxing, rather than a traditional high. Users will feel a sense of fluidity from the body high that reduces muscle tension, and although this strain isn’t a couch-locker, it can help set the stage for a good night’s rest.

Medical Benefits CBD Kush Strain

This strain shatters the stigma surrounding cannabis use, and its medical uses may be more valued than its recreational ones. Its high CBD content in conjunction with the THC creates what scientists call “the entourage effect”, which activates analgesic properties that may help relieve deep-rooted pains, temporary or chronic. CBD has no known negative effects, so it may be a great option for those wanting to advantage without feeling stoned.

How to Grow CBD Kush Seeds

This strain typically grows short and bushy, so it’s important to periodically trim any leaves hindering sun and oxygen from reaching low-growing flowering nodes. This strain is geared for low THC concentrations, consequently causing low resin production.

Nonetheless, the large buds produced towards the end of its growing phase are impressive, featuring amber-colored trichomes with emerald leaves and yellow flowers that adhere in to indica-typical bud structure.