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Chem D x Sundae Driver

by Cannarado Genetics

Uber, from the Cannarado Genetics seed company, is an indica-dominant, hybrid marijuana strain combining two classic lineages. When cultivated, these heavyweight seeds deliver a potent and contrasting flavour, an uplifting buzz and a fast flowering time.

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Uber Strain Genetics

The Uber lineage is a tale of old school favourite cannabis strains that can be found at our seed bank. On one side of the exotic seed genetics is Chem D, many a connoisseur’s favourite of the chems, and on the other branch of the family tree, Sundae Driver (a child of Fruity Pebbles OG, which is a great, great-grandchild of OG Kush).

With the Dutch passion and Cali connection of Diesel and Kush meeting in the middle to create these Uber feminized cannabis seeds, the best traits of the parent strains are the result, with a high THC content (20%+), fast flowering, high yielding plants, with colourful, resin-coated buds and a memorable, funky aroma and taste.

Uber Strain Terpene Profile

The flavours that explode in the mouth from Uber’s abundant terpenes combine fruit flavours with diesel tones and have a hearty helping of herbal goodness thrown in for good measure too.

The fuel-filled Chemdawg overtones to the flavour of these delicious seeds are the responsibility of spicy, peppery terpene caryophyllene, which ensures a tickle in the back of the throat on inhale. The exhale brings a different experience, tones of exotic citrus-filled fruity funk provided by limonene. That old school flavour that is present throughout, and results in a lingering herbal, earthy aroma filling the room after exhale comes from the most common of all the cannabis terps, myrcene.

Uber Strain Effects

As you would expect with an Uber, the effects of this Cannarado Genetics cannabis strain arrive quickly. The long-lasting buzz comes in stages, each of them a divine experience. First, is the mind being uplifted, a happy sensation as waves of euphoria pass across body and mind. This is followed quickly by giggle fits that should continue to occur sporadically throughout the evening.

The final phase of the high, aided by the high Uber THC level, is one of full-body relaxation.  From head to toe, you will feel the stress slowly dissipate to be replaced with a smiley, chilled feeling that should continue until you eventually drift off into a peaceful, dream-filled sleep.

Uber Strain Medical Benefits

Uber medical seeds potential comes from those sensations detailed above. Those living with chronic stress-related symptoms may well find that the terpenes at play in this Chemdog D x Sundae Driver strain rapidly aid in alleviating these unfavourable sensations. People who find stress makes it hard for them to fall asleep may also benefit from the joy-inducing effects of this high THC, low CBD seeds strain.

Another possible Uber medical benefit is in the relief of depression symptoms. Mood can be altered in the short term, and potentially improved in the long-term thanks to the lovely nights of stimulating conversations and chilled sleep that can aid in the relief of symptoms of anxiety or depression.

How to Grow Uber Seeds

Uber yields are certainly impressive, irrespective of whether these feminised cannabis seeds are grown indoors or outside. Inside growth can result in a fast flowering time as swift as eight weeks from germination and should never take longer than 10. Uber’s flowering time is also fairly rapid both outdoors and in greenhouses too, with harvest time usually in early October, maybe even late September in warmer climates.

Growing Uber feminized seeds takes very little work from the grower, maybe some pruning here and there and that’s about it. Despite the minimal effort, you will be rewarded with a mass of colourful buds, showing dark and light greens, oranges and purples, all under a thick coat of crystal coloured trichomes. The buds from these female seeds almost look as good as they taste, but not quite, because the flavours are truly immense, definitely one for the connoisseur.