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Wedding Pie x Birthday Cake

by Cannarado Genetics

Terp Town feminized seeds from the Cannarado Genetics seed company are a flavour-filled treat for the senses, blending a host of aromas including citrus, herbs and vanilla. These fast-flowering cannabis seeds lean towards the indica side, with enough sativa to ensure an intriguing range of personality traits.

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Terp Town Strain Genetics

The Terp Town cannabis seeds lineage gives a sense of the total treat that’s coming, combining Cannarado’s own Wedding Pie (Pyxy Styx Cut) with Birthday Cake. With Wedding Cake on one branch and Birthday Cake (a Girl Scout Cookies offshoot) on the other, you’d expect a lot of flavours to be involved here and Cannarado Genetics’ Terp Town does not disappoint.

There’s more than just cake-like sugariness at play here though, a collection of potent seed bank classics exist in the heritage of Terp Town marijuana seeds, including Chemdawg, GSC, Durban Poison, and Cherry Pie, so expect a serious, fast-acting, mule-strength kick from this high THC (well over 20%) cannabis strain.

Terp Town Strain Terpene Profile

Tones of vanilla sit gently below the predominant flavours of herbs, spices, and citrus fruits in the Terp Town flavour profile, and as the name suggests, the terpenes have a lot to do with that.

While there are many terpenes at play here, the abundant Terp Town terpenes are myrcene and caryophyllene, which combine for that Kush and Diesel combination of spicy herbs and vanilla touches. Limonene is also a dominant terpene here, and as a common terp in the rinds of lemons and limes, brings that exotic, citrus fruit flavour to the fore.

Terp Town Strain Effects

This colourful, indica-dominant Wedding Pie x Birthday Cake strain from Cannarado Genetics hits like a haymaker and provides a long-lasting effect. The delightful flavours are still tingling on your lips when the blend of euphoric joy and absolute relaxation start to drift into your mind and body, respectively.

The high THC, resin-covered buds grown from Terp Town seeds provide a euphoric sense of pleasure in the brain, while the effect on the body allows for the perfect disconnect from the stresses of life, an ideal way to end a long day at the office.

Terp Town Strain Medical Benefits

Insomnia is one of the main reasons people look to medicinal cannabis use, and it’s also one of the primary Terp Town medical benefits. With very high THC levels, the immediate impact and general sense of relaxation aids with the time it takes falling asleep and may help users to stay asleep through the night as well.

Additionally, these Terp Town medical seeds may aid with stress reduction, not only due to the above reasons but also because both caryophyllene and limonene are believed to provide relief for anxiety and stress-related disorders.

How to Grow Terp Town Seeds

Terp Town is available as relatively easy to grow feminised seeds. The plants that grow from these female seeds blend indica and sativa traits, long, leafy plants that produce tight, weighty, compact buds, coated in orange hairs and covered in enough trichomes to delight those into resin extraction. Indoor growers are recommended to use SCROG methods while ensuring the plants have room to spread. If this is done, the Terp Town flowering time should give out a hearty yield in as few as eight weeks.

Growing Terp Town seeds outdoors takes a similar level of effort, with best results likely to come from Mediterranean climates (or a good greenhouse). A Terp Town yield of around 600g per plant can be expected at harvest time, which should be around Mid-October. Indoors or outdoors, just wait for the fruity, sweet lends to hit your nostrils to let you know its harvest time!