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Ultra Sour x Sundae Driver

by Cannarado Genetics

A sweet and sour combination that carefully caresses the taste buds, Sour Sundae feminized seeds is another massive creation from Cannarado Genetics, offering a fascinating delve into the depth and potential variety of cannabis flavours. With a sweet and sour terpene profile and powerful effects, Sour Sundae indica-dominant cannabis seeds could soon be worthy of a place on every connoisseur’s wishlist.

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Sour Sundae Strain Genetics

Cannarado Genetics Sour Sundae cannabis seeds are a unique blend of two modern and popular strains, Dutch classic Ultra Sour (a product of Sour Diesel and MK Ultra) and Sundae Driver, a lemon tinged all-star created by mixing Fruit Pebbles OG and Grape Pie. This combination of great sour kush plants and diesel descendants ensures a classic flavour here, but the sharp contrast guarantees something genuinely unique and original.

The Sour Sundae East Coast lineage impacts more than just the flavour – a high THC level (around 20%) and frosted, trichome covered buds are also passed down – with the forefathers of this cannabis strain providing all the best traits of classic marijuana strains.

Sour Sundae Strain Terpene Profile

Sour Sundae’s dominant terpenes are the cause of the two extremes to the flavour, with the potent, powerful diesel aromas and tastes on the exhale coming from caryophyllene, the famed peppery terpene. The not-quite overbearing overtones of exotic, tangy citrus fruits on the inhale are courtesy of limonene, a  terpene found in many citrus flavoured strains.

The Sour Sundae aroma and flavour is finished off with an earthy, forest-pine touch caused by pinene, another of the dominant terpenes found in this hybrid from the Cannarado Genetics seed co.

Sour Sundae Strain Effects

Sour kush strains are known for the uplifting high that they create, and Sour Sundae does its genetics proud in that regard, producing a sensation of happiness that borders on euphoria a short time after consumption. Expect creative juices to flow as a result of the long-lasting buzz offered by this hybrid cultivar.

One important disclaimer – Sour Sundae´s THC level is high, so it hits hard, but there are pleasant, relaxing effects to look forward to here, with the happy feelings being paired by a general sense of calm that will add an extra level of relaxation when consumed at the end of a long, hard day.

Sour Sundae Strain Medical Benefits

The most common effects of Sour Sundae medical benefits centre around that sense of happiness and calm that is offered by this indica-dominant strain. This makes the Cannarado Genetics offering particularly popular with those living with depression and associated symptoms.

The caryophyllene and high THC content of Sour Sundae medical seeds also mean this provides potential assistance for people dealing with regular headaches or migraines. The combination of terps and cannabinoids may aid the body in the alleviation of pain symptoms.

How to Grow Sour Sundae Seeds

Sour Sundae’s flowering time is not as swift as other Cannarado Genetics strains at our seed bank, especially indoors, where the minimum time before harvest is 9 weeks after germination and can be as high as 11. However, the Sour Sundae yields, which are exceptionally high, go a long way to make up for that slightly extended waiting time.

These feminised seeds also yield well for outdoor and greenhouse growers, with an abundance of dark green, trichome coated buds expected sometime around mid-October. The indica-dominant traits of these Ultra Sour x Sundae Driver female seeds mean plants can take up a lot of space, so make sure you’ve got the room available to take full advantage of this beautiful hybridised cannabis strain.