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Grape Pie x GMO Cookies

by Cannarado Genetics

Everyone loves a bit of Slap n Tickle! Well, they certainly do when it’s these fine Cannarado Genetics Slap n Tickle feminized seeds! Boasting a hefty THC ratio and complex flavours, Slap n Tickle is an indica-dominant fruity funk-fest you won’t be able to resist. 

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Slap n Tickle Strain Genetics

With Slap n Tickle cannabis seeds, Cannarado Genetics (based in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado) have really excelled themselves with their in-house genetics. This moreish strain was created from two Cannabis Cup award-winning parents, Grape Pie, and the legendary GMO Cookies (child of Chem D and Girl Scout Cookies). A balanced pedigree and a true Cali connection, this storied heritage ensures many things, including leafy plants, bulky, trichome-covered buds, and a rapid flowering time.

The Slap n Tickle lineage of GMO x Grape Pie also ensures this indica-dominant cannabis provides a hearty THC content (THC percentages range between 20% and 30%) and a host of enticing flavours.

Slap n Tickle Strain Terpene Profile

The Slap n Tickle flavour profile starts with bass notes of diesel from the Chem genetics. On top of this, comes overtones of coffee and cream, a strong citrus kick, and more than a little of that classic herbal Kush aroma, especially on the exhale. This fabulous combination of scents and tastes comes courtesy of the abundant levels of terpenes found in Slap n Tickle.

The primary terpenes found here are also the three most common in cannabis strains, lemony limonene, spicy caryophyllene, and herbal myrcene. But the combination of these three, with some subtle assistance from the likes of humulene and pinene, ensures a unique and exciting flavour on both inhale and exhale from this Slap n Tickle feminised strain.

Slap n Tickle Strain Effects

The effects of Slap N Tickle are far more tickle than they are slap, a gentle caressing of the mind that happens quickly and lingers for a pleasing length of time. Simultaneously, the combination of terpenes and cannabinoids enhances the mood while soothing the mind, providing an upbeat, illuminating, yet relaxing buzz.

A psychedelic euphoria is likely to take over your mind, promoting creativity, and also aiding in the chill out process, especially in the evening following a stressful day of work.

Slap n Tickle Strain Medical Benefits

As would be expected by the elevation of mood that comes from this high THC cannabis strain, Slap n Tickle medical benefits focus mainly on mood, and especially the relief of stress. Stress is something we all go through occasionally, but those needing a reduction in stress can find potential relief thanks to the terpenes at play in this Cannarado Genetics seed company strain.

Another Slap n Tickle medical seeds possibility is the alleviation of joint pain, including when it is connected to chronic pain and/or fibromyalgia. The high THC level can work with the body to improve pain response and soften the symptoms of these disorders.

How to Grow Slap n Tickle Seeds

While the traits of the buds may be indica-dominant, when growing Slap n Tickle female seeds, there is a balanced combination of indica and sativa traits. 

Growing leafy, branchy, and sturdy, with inbred stability that helps with dealing with the elements compared to regular seeds, these feminized cannabis seeds grow well indoors, responding to most cultivation methods. Indoor gardeners can expect the Slap n Tickle flowering time to take between eight and ten weeks from germination, while outdoor and greenhouse growers will see harvest time around mid-October. 

The Slap n Tickle yield is impressive, around 500g/m2 indoors and 700g per plant outdoors. Deep green, trichome-coated nuggets will appear when they’re ready to go, making these plants both beautiful, and perfect for resin extraction.