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OG Bubba x Birthday Cake

by Cannarado Genetics

Fill your pockets with Papusas — a fresh-cooked Cookies and Kush combo from Colorado seed kings Cannarardo Genetics that’s stuffed to bursting with creamy poundcake and spicy citrus flavours and production rates that’ll make you scream ¡Que chivo!’

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Papusas Genetic Profile

Offering excellent performance with basic care, Papusas marijuana seeds are perfect for cannabis gardeners with not a lot of extra time on their hands. Fully certified for super cropping and yielding massive amounts of quality Kush bud in almost any growth environment, both commercial and casual growers are definitely going to want a bite of this matchless indica-dominant delight. 

Bred from a high-performing OG Bubba pheno, which mixes Bubba Kush x Legend OG, and a delectable Birthday Cake male, Papusas parent strains provide the perfect marriage of Girl Scout Cookies and Kush genes, resulting in a cannabis hybrid with plenty of pedigree. Expect patisserie flavours, prime psychoactive effects, and a painless cultivating experience from this freshly-baked breadwinner, which is now available from MGS as feminised seeds

Papusas Strain Terpene Profile

This aromatic plant’s rich and nuanced terp profile provides a range of flavours that run the gamut from Cookies to Kush. Papusas flavour combines creamy, fruity notes and a subtle hint of Cherry Pie’s doughy sweetness with the tart citrus and diesel accents that typically accompany OG Kush phenos. This delectable mix of sweet, sour apple, and savoury ensures that even the most demanding sensory consumer will be satisfied and impressed.

Papusas dominant terpenes follow the usual Kush formula. High levels of limonene and caryophyllene are responsible for its fruit and fuel taste, while myrcene terpenes also play a role in rounding off the end flavour. These specific terpenes have also shown to be effective at calming the central nervous system, providing pain relief, and helping to raise feel-good chemicals in the body. 

Papusas Strain Effects

Although an indica-dominant hybrid with strong Kush connections, consumers can still expect a generous dose of sativa-typical intensity after just a tiny taste of this mixed-heritage masterpiece. Opening with a psychedelic cerebral high to stimulate the senses, it won’t be long until the indica side of Papusas effects takes over, banishing aches and discomfort and replacing them with pure relaxation

You may struggle to unstick yourself from the couch once its full-bodied effects kick in, but these tend only to affect the body, circumventing the mind and leaving your thoughts free to wander to wherever your happy place happens to be.

Cannarado Genetics have yet to reveal Papusas THC content, but while the lab results may be out on this high-octane strain, by researching its relatives, we can get a good idea of its overall average. While Bubba/Legend OG is arguably mid-range in strength, with a THC content of around 16%, Birthday Cake can reach as high as 20%. Perfect for an evening’s indulgence but not so great for daytime use, this high THC/low CBD strain should be consumed moderately to mitigate its drowsy counterattack.

Papusas Strain Medical Benefits

This delicious cannabis delight offers more than just a ticket to flavour town. Although its doughy diesel taste may be enough to turn any frown upside down, its uplifting effects make weed grown from Papusas medical seeds highly suitable for treating disorders mood disorders like depression. If you’re after a temporary respite from feelings of woe, this Legend OG x Bday Cake cut might be just the strain to help knock that sadness on its head.

Papusas medical benefits also include treating pain disorders and inflammation. Its muscle-relaxing and gentle analgesic qualities can help reducing swelling in patients recovering from injury, ease gastrointestinal stress, and even help patients with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia lead an everyday, pain-free life.

How to Grow Papusas Strain

Growing Papusas cannabis seeds is a cakewalk even with little-no previous cultivating experience. This easy-going plant adapts well to all growing spaces, substrates and techniques, and is not very demanding in terms of nutrients, allowing growers to simply sit back and watch the fat buds roll in. Producing shrubby, vigorous plants with flexible stems, medium internodal spacing, and heavy flowers distributed at the tips and nodes of all its branches, these female cannabis seeds are a great commercial choice if you’re looking for a fast and easy cash crop. Papusas flowers are also super-resinous, making them ideal for concentrate creation. 

Without any extra measures, Papusas female cannabis seeds yields can reach up to 500g per m2 in an indoor grow tent, or exceed 700g per plant if cultivated in open ground. As this cakey cultivar is prime for monster cropping, these already generous production rates can be pushed even further with simple LST techniques, which help the plant adapt better to the space available, thus maximising bud production.

Papusas flowering time can range from eight-ten weeks from germination, which is about average for its seed type. For a faster turnaround, we recommend opting for an autoflower plant, but there are other options available to speed up the process, like switching to hydroponic growth or by forcing flowering early with a 12/12 light cycle.