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Sundae Driver x Wedding Cake

by Cannarado Genetics

A delicious new spin on the Cookies phenotype, Nila Wafer is a high-producing cannabis hybrid from the Cannarado Genetics cannabis seeds company with a smooth, sugary flavour and pronounced psychedelic kick.

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Nila Wafer Strain Genetics

This flavourful blend of two top-shelf Cookies phenotypes has been freshly bred by Cannarado Genetics – one of Colorado’s leading seedbanks for unusual Rock Mountain marijuana strains. As such, you can guarantee high quality, heavy production, and an easy growing experience from Nila Wafer marijuana seeds.  

Mixing Wedding Cake and Sundae Driver genetics, the roots of Nila Wafer lineage can be traced back to the legendary Girl Scout Cookies, giving it an especially pronounced terpene profile. Providing its delicious flavour, these aromatic compounds also possess plenty of potent psychoactive qualities and make for excellent cannabis concentrates.

Nila Wafer Strain Terpene Profile

While Cannarado’s Sundae Driver is a sweet and creamy cross of FPOG and Grape Pie, Wedding Cake has a tangier, peppery aesthetic that mixes Pink Cookies and Triangle Mints DNA. Together, these two unusual terpene profiles provide Nilla Wafer aroma and taste, which blends tropical fruit and earthy kush notes with sweet vanilla, grape, and spice.

This fruity profile is primarily the product of limonene, Nila Wafer dominant terpene, which also provides the sour tang found in many citrus fruits. Caryophyllene and myrcene terpenes also contribute, the former offering earthy and peppery flavours while the latter provides the strain’s overarching sweetness.

Nila Wafer Strain Effects

Nila Wafer THC levels are comparable to its Wedding Cake parent plant, which are known to reach a staggering 25%.

Leaning towards the indica side of the spectrum, but also boasting powerfully psychedelic sativa effects, Nila Wafer is an extremely fast-acting marijuana strain. Plunging consumers into an intensely relaxed state of body and mind almost immediately, expect a long-lasting meditative state from this Cannarado exclusive, punctuated by positive feelings and a boost of creative inspiration.  

Nila Wafer Medical Benefits

Cannabis plants aren’t only meant for recreational use. Their psychoactive effects also have therapeutic applications and can be used to treat a range of mental and physical issues. As a hybrid variety, Nila Wafer strain medical benefits are wide-ranging, but its high limonene content makes it particularly useful for easing muscular soreness and stiffness, as this terpene is a proven anti-inflammatory.

Furthermore, while cannabis is generally known to increase appetite, limonene terpenes can actually curb hunger in consumers, making Nila Wafer medical seeds a potential option for patients with obesity and related eating disorders.

How to Grow Nila Wafer Strain

Growing Nila Wafer seeds is a simple and stress-free process as Cannarado Genetics ensure easy cultivation from all their cannabis strains. Two different phenos are possible and can be easily distinguished by their height difference, but both produce plenty of hefty, compact buds with large resin-coated calyxes.

Suitable for a greenhouse setup or outdoor growth and well adapted to different substrates, this Wedding Cake x Sundae Driver combination features plenty of trichome-covered, baseball bat colas and lateral branching that make it great for SCROG or SOG cultivation. Under the right conditions, Nila Wafer yields can reach 500-600g per m2, with a fast flowering time of 9 weeks from germination allowing growers to maximise their growing season.