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Birthday Cake (aka Cherry Cookies) x Chemdog D

by Cannarado Genetics

Meat Pie cannabis seeds come fresh and ready from the homeland of original underground strains, the Cannarado Genetics seed company, This indica dominant Chemdog x Birthday Cake marijuana strain earns its name by packing a meaty kick, an old school high turned up a notch thanks to a potently high THC level.

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Meat Pie Strain Genetics

Cannarado Genetics Meat Pie marijuana seeds are the offspring of Birthday Cake (or Cherry Cookies, a Cherry Pie blend that is one of Girl Scout Cookies‘ favourite children) and Chemdog D (or Chem D, a popular Chemdawg phenotype). When it comes to a strong lineage, it’s hard to top that, with the parent strains of Meat Pie’s parent strains being constants at seed banks around the world for many years.

Meat Pie’s lineage including GSC, OG Kush, and more is evident not only in the flavour and aroma of the buds but also in the elegant, long, leafy plants that provide a high yield of trichome covered nugs.

Meat Pie Strain Terpene Profile

The petrol tones of a Chemdawg phenotype, combined with the GSC/Birthday Cake blend of citrus fruits and sweet, creamy flavours, Meat Pie’s dominant terpenes are working hard here.

Meat Pie’s aroma is citrus above all else, with limonene ensuring that exotic fruit hum hangs in the air for a good while after exhale. 

Caryophyllene is the terpene responsible for that Chem style fuel aroma. The petrol tingle in the back of the throat after exhale is softened nicely by the sweet and herbal touches provided by myrcene.

Meat Pie Strain Effects

Meat Pie’s THC level ensures a potency level that will surprise even the most seasons of cannabis veterans. This Chemdog D x Birthday Cake strain acts hard and fast, but instead of the expected couch lock, expect a combination of mental relaxation and boosted energy.

Indeed, increased levels of motivation will allow you to complete plenty of tasks but your body will probably appreciate a steady, relaxed pace!  An ideal daytime strain if you are planning creative enterprises but otherwise, this indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain is probably better suited to an evening of rest and recuperation. 

Meat Pie Strain Medical Benefits

The relaxed energy provided by the terpenes and high THC content of Meat Pie makes these cannabis seeds a potential medical marijuana choice for symptoms of fatigue. Providing a little pep in the step and relaxing the body enough to sleep when the time is right, Meat Pie may aid in supporting sleep patterns and relieving extreme tiredness.

Meat Pie medical seeds also inherit the medical marijuana genetics of Chemdawg, believed to aid in the relief of pain symptoms thanks to the terp profile that includes caryophyllene and limonene.

How to Grow Meat Pie Strain Seeds

Long, leafy, and beautiful, the plants formed from these cannabis seeds can be ready to harvest in as little as eight weeks from germination when grown indoors. This 56-day turnaround results in impressively high Meat Pie yields of dark green, orange-hued, resin-covered nuggets.

Not only is the Meat Pie flowering time swift indoors, but growing Meat Pie seeds outdoors is pleasingly simple compared to other strains. If you’re using a greenhouse, make sure you have ample space for the leafy growth of these feminised seeds. These sweet seeds shop both indica and sativa genetics in the tall, spreading plants. 

If you’re growing outside, it is best to do so in warm climates and by mid-October, you should have yourself a tidy yield of big and beautiful buds dripping in crystal trichomes with a trademark citrusy lemon scent.