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Purple Punch x Wedding Cake

by Cannarado Genetics

For fantastic results without the flashy name, try Herb from Colorado cannabis kings, Cannarado Genetics – a highly-resinous and high-performing indica-dominant Cookies cut with a finessed flavour you won’t find in your standard spice rack.

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Herb Genetic Profile

Uniting two US Cookies titans under a single simple name, Herb marijuana seeds might sound unassuming, but their genetic profile speaks volumes. Bred by the Cannarado Genetics seedbank for its sweet, refreshing flavour and a psychoactive profile to match, Herb lineage contains input from both Purple Punch and Wedding Cake – two titans of the GSC family with other relatives ranging from Grape Pie to the spectacular Sundae Driver. 

While the former’s candy notes and colours have been inherited, the latter – famed for its flavourful and super-frosted buds – also passes down its ridiculously high resin content, adding up to some of the moreish marijuana you’re ever likely to taste. 

Although not available in an autoflowering or regular variety, this aromatic strain is fully stocked at MGS as feminized seeds, so now’s the time to upgrade your home herb garden to something with a little more psychoactive punch. Simple to grow and easily adaptable, this terp-rich and super resinous indica-dominant shrub is an excellent all-rounder, so whether you’re a beginner, expert, or planning extract experiments, now’s the time to get cooking!  

Herb Strain Terpene Profile

Despite its name, Herb flavour has more in common with a candy store than spicy shrubbery. Bred from two delicious US strains, users can expect a sweet and creamy Cookies profile with notes of vanilla, exotic berries, apple, and ripe grape. Its sour but sugary skunk aroma, while pungent, is not as intense as that of your average Kush strain but may still require some sort of filtration if you’re hoping for a discreet grow.

The fruity and candy flavours of some cannabis plants can be attributed to a wide variety of aromatic chemicals, with terpenes playing the dominant role. Herb abundant terpenes include myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene, which are some of the most common cannabis terpenes, yet it’s their individual concentrations that produce this strain’s specific sweet and tasty profile.

Herb Strain Effects

As a balanced cannabis strain with both indica and sativa influences, Herb effect has both physical and mental psychoactive characteristics. Although producing an intense, relaxing effect that eases both muscles and mind, it’s also great for banishing bad moods, lifting spirits, and for an extra boost of positive energy.

Herb THC level likely mirrors that of its parents. Although it hasn’t been tested under lab conditions, both Purple Punch and Wedding Cake have a THC content in the high teens, so expect a long-lasting and potent experience from this pungent plant. Although suitable for day smoking, we’d wait until later in the evening to indulge if you’re susceptible to sedative effects.

Herb Strain Medical Benefits

Herbs have been used for their healing potential for thousands of years, and this miraculous medicinal plant is no exception. Herb medical benefits include easing stress and the symptoms of depression owing to its calming effect on the central nervous system and serotonin-boosting power. These qualities are mainly due to the action of THC but also augmented by certain terpenes like limonene.

Myrcene terpenes also play a significant role in the strong sedative effects of this strain. For those looking for a restful and relaxing night’s sleep without pharmaceutical assistance, Herb medical seeds might be just the answer. As a high THC/low CBD strain with potent indica qualities and a high myrcene content, it’s perfectly designed for treating sleep conditions like insomnia.

How to Grow Herb Strain

This newly-minted pheno offers fantastic production rates whether you’re an indoor or outdoor cannabis cultivator. Herb yields can reach up to 700g per plant if grown organically, and indoor growers can expect up to 500g per m2 of heavy and super resinous flowers distributed along all branches, tips and nodes of their plants. Adapting effortlessly to terraces, balconies and in open ground environments, but also indoor pruning and trellising techniques, SCROG cultivation, or LST moulding, whatever your setup, you’re in good hands when growing Herb marijuana seeds.

Herb cannabis seeds flowering time is around 8-10 weeks from germination, and growers can expect dank and shrubby indica-dominant plants with medium internodal spacing, flexible branches, and good sideways and vertical growth. 

Like Wedding Cake, this pheno is also a ridiculously high resin producer making it perfect for extract artists. Its crave-able candy shop flavours become even more intense when vaporised, so consider applying terpene boosting techniques to get the very best results from this wonder herb.