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TK91 x Birthday Cake

by Cannarado Genetics

Get ready to say a big hello to Goodnight Moon – an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis cultivar from Cannarado Genetics that’s packing old school flavours and a powerful sedative high that’s perfect for soothing the sleep-deprived.

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Goodnight Moon Strain Genetics

The Colorado-based Cannarado Genetics seedbank has been cooking up high-quality cannabis hybrids since the early 90s and fans of Rocky Mountain cannabis blends will be over the moon with their latest cannabis seeds creation.

Goodnight Moon marijuana seeds are a feminized cross of TK91 and Birthday Cake; two indica-dominant varieties that offer plenty of power and potential. While the latter, a Triangle Kush x 91 Chem cultivar, provides its pungency and chem tanginess, the sweet and creamy Cookies flavours of the former are also inherited, combining in a taste that bears no comparison. This marriage has also lent the strain a spacey, sativa like psychedelic head buzz and powerful sleep-inducing effects that make it a prime candidate for medical use.   

Goodnight Moon Terpene Profile

Cannarado Genetics seed company have combined two polar opposite flavour profiles in Goodnight Moon, resulting in a unique blend of old skool flavours and pungent aromas. Chemdawg’s tartness, an earthy OG Kush aesthetic, and the sweet vanilla nuances of GSC combine to create a bold and spicy blend that’s initially strong and savoury but with a sugary aftertaste. 

Goodnight Moon cannabis seeds dominant terpenes come courtesy of caryophyllene – a sesquiterpene that’s common in almost all cannabis strains, with the Kush family boasting especially high concentrations. Myrcene and limonene – which can also be found in mangos and citrus fruits respectively – are responsible for its sweeter side, adding up to a taste that collectors of unusual crosses will never want to farewell to.   

Goodnight Moon Strain Effects

With its storybook name, you might not be surprised that this powerful hybrid boasts knockout indica-dominant effects that can easily send low tolerance users to sleep. While low in CBD, Goodnight Moon THC levels are exceptionally high and ensure complete relaxation and a full-bodied high to melt your aches and pains away. Meanwhile, psychedelic kick, provided by its Chemdawg ancestor, adds an extra level of cerebral intensity to this top-shelf strain.

Marking the perfect way to close a stressful day, Goodnight Moon is best saved before bedtime, but if sharing with friends, make sure to bring enough for everyone, as its intoxicating indica-dominant effects can be kind of addictive.

Goodnight Moon Strain Medical Benefits

Just like the bedtime story, Goodnight Moon medical seeds can help patients with insomnia get a calming night’s rest without the need for harsh medications. Working in synergy with THC, myrcene, the active compound of hops and lemongrass, gives the plant a similar sedating quality, making these feminized seeds ideal for sleep-deprived users of medicinal marijuana suffering from insomnia. 

Furthermore, the strain’s high caryophyllene content gives it potent painkilling properties. Even in small doses, its high-powered healing influence can help muscles relax, tensions ease, and chronic pain fades into obscurity.

How to Grow Goodnight Moon Strain

Available as feminised seeds and suitable for greenhouses or outdoor gardens, growing Goodnight Moon is simple as these cannabis plants are prolific with a short and stocky stature that’s typical of indica varieties. Dominated by a central cola, this TK91 x Birthday Cake mix makes a great candidate for SCROG cultivation which, along with careful pruning techniques to tame its vigorous branching, can really bring out the plant’s prolific growth.

Cannarado Genetics report a flowering time of 8-10 weeks from germination and massive yields of up to 500g per m2 or 700g per plant outdoors, meaning cultivators won’t have to wait long for results from this seed type. This is also a particularly resinous pheno and the delightful aromas it exudes at full bloom remain potent even in concentrated form. Stop mooning over other marijuana strains and pick up Goodnight Moon today – now available from MGS in easy to grow female seeds!