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Sour Dubble x Sundae Driver

by Cannarado Genetics

Dubble Sundae is a well-balanced indica and sativa hybrid cannabis strain fresh from the creative folks over at Cannarado Seeds. Delivering a mood-altering THC hit and a tangy tart taste, the terp profile and genetic heritage has given Cannarado Genetics’ Dubble Sundae feminized cannabis seeds a legacy of which it can be truly proud. 

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Dubble Sundae Strain Genetics

Cannabis connoisseurs will probably be able to guess the parentage of Dubble Sundae cannabis seeds from the name alone. For those newer to the scene, this hybrid, feminised cannabis strain is a blend of two popular hybrid strains –  Sour Dubble (a Sour Diesel child) and Sundae Driver (product of Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie) – .The Afghan selection in the heritage ensures a wonderful blend of kush, cookies, and diesel strains in the Dubble Sundae lineage for an intense variety of flavours and effects.

Thanks to the Sour Dubble x Sundae Driver exotic seed parentage, Dubble Sundae marijuana seeds boasts excellent results with minimal effort for growers, and the buds bring a high THC content (over 20%) and a heady, euphoric buzz.

Dubble Sundae Strain Terpene Profile

There’s a lot going on in terms of Dubble Sundae’s aroma and flavour, with each of the seed bank favourite lineages bringing their own perks to the table. The dominant flavour here is a tangy citrus vibe of lemon and lime, thanks to one of the dominant terpenes, limonene.

That isn’t all though, there’s the sweet and sour blend of fuel and candy in the aromas here too, especially on the exhale. This is the result of caryophyllene and myrcene doing their work side by side. Pinene is also present in this indica-dominant strain, providing a fresh forest flavour on the inhale.

Dubble Sundae Strain Effects

With less than discreet effects more commonly associated with indica-leaning strains, couch-lock is very much the word here, with the Dubble Sundae THC levels sticking you quickly to the closest comfy looking sitting spot. As with the rest of this intriguing Cannarado Genetics strain, however, there is more going on than just relaxation.

With a high THC low CBD combination, you can also expect a chilled, euphoric head buzz that means while your body may not want to move much, your mind may be full of creativity. This makes this an excellent social strain, conducive with kicking back with friends and chatting until the late hours, before the remnants of the Dubble Sundae buzz allows you to gently drift off into the land of nod. 

Dubble Sundae Strain Medical Benefits

The immense level of relaxation felt throughout the body means Sour Dubble could be an excellent choice for those living with ADHD. Sitting still and relaxing is helped a considerable amount by the terp mix here, with fidgeting and tics possibly being reduced thanks to the intense and calming high offered by the delectable Dubble Sundae strain.

The soothing of bones and muscles isn’t all that can be offered by Dubble Sundae medical seeds, with the high THC content also giving this Cannarado Genetics strain the potential to aid in the lessening of headaches and migraines.

How to Grow Dubble Sundae Seeds

The Dubble Sundae flowering time is a little longer than the average, taking between 9-11 weeks from germination when grown indoors. Outdoor growers have a bit of a wait too, with harvest time expected to be around mid-October. That’s not going to put you off though, not when you consider the above-average yields these feminised seeds deliver.

Grown indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses, growing these Cannarado Genetics Dubble Sundae seeds is easy, a trim here, a light change there, and you’re good. When grown, Dubble Sundae offers chunky buds, dripping in trichomes, ideal for those interested in resin extraction.

Dubble Sundae is a cannabis strain you’ll be adding to your wishlist quickly, another feather in the already very feathery cap of the prolific seed stockers at Cannarado Genetics.