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Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut x Sundae Driver

by Cannarado Genetics

Cookie Dough Sundae feminized cannabis seeds are a high-quality GSC phenotype developed by Cannarado Genetics. This high THC, memorable indica/sativa marijuana hybrid provides a sweet and fruity flavour, a long-lasting high and equally impressive resin production.

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Cookie Dough Sundae Strain Genetics

Cookie Dough Sundae marijuana seeds were created by blending Forum Cut (one of the many children of the multi-award-winning seed bank favourite Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) with another sweet masterpiece, the fine and fruity Sundae Driver (part of the storied OG Kush family).

With that kind of combination, you know that dessert sweet is going to be a large part of the flavour here, but this Cannarado Genetics feminised strain has a lot more to offer than just that! The dense, dank, resinous buds produce an alluring scent that can be noticed a mile off, while the cerebral, heady buzz is a tribute to Cookie Dough Sundae’s lineage.

Cookie Dough Sundae Strain Terpene Profile

Cookie Dough Sundae’s flavour comes from a unique and complex terpene profile. The fresh forest hints of pinene and the floral tones of linalool create an intriguing undertone, but it is the dominant terpenes that are responsible for the sweet, fruity cookie flavour of this feminized strain.

Caryophyllene, the spicy terpene, combines with myrcene, the classic cannabis terpene, to create that tingle of sweetness on the tongue on exhale, while the abundance of fruity flavours on the inhale is predominantly down to limonene, the citrus-fruit terpene.

Cookie Dough Sundae Strain Effects

If you like a buzz with ebbs and flows then you’re going to be all about Cookie Dough Sundae, which takes you from joyful euphoria to full-body relaxation with its long-lasting high.

Thanks to the remarkably high Cookie Dough Sundae THC level (over 20%) the impact is fast-acting here, with a happiness-inducing effect that borders on the psychedelic before gently softening to produce a sense of chill that can make the stresses of even the longest day dissipate into an evening of relaxed recuperation. 

Cookie Dough Sundae Strain Medical Benefits

The potential Cookie Dough Sundae medical benefits include relief for those living with fibromyalgia. The THC, caryophyllene, and limonene contained in this Cannarado Genetics strain are all thought to aid the body’s pain control response, potentially softening joint pain that can be the main symptom of fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.

The long-term relaxing effects of this feminized cannabis, combined with the sensation of euphoria that precedes it, can aid significantly with getting to sleep. While this is useful for everyone, it makes these Cookie Dough Sundae medical seeds a particular aid to those having difficulty sleeping, reducing the symptoms of insomnia such as issues falling or staying asleep.

How to Grow Cookie Dough Sundae Strain Seeds

A grape-scented, sweet and fruity flavoured phenomenon, the cookies and kush strains in the heritage of this cannabis strain ensure the Cookie Dough Sundae flowering time is fast, taking as little as eight weeks from germination when grown indoors in the right conditions (SOG and SCROG methods both work well).

Growing Cookie Dough Sundae female seeds outdoors can also be useful if the climate is warm and dry enough through autumn and early winter. Those in colder or wetter areas are recommended to use a greenhouse to ensure Cookie Dough Sundae yields are as high as they should be. 

Either way, growth is pretty easy here with little work required to produce the dense, weighty, resinous buds that also makes this strain a great hash producer.