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TK/Fire OG x Birthday Cake

by Cannarado Genetics

If you’re going to name a cannabis strain after Brazil’s national cocktail, you better hit those exotic fruity notes with style, and these Cannarado Genetics Caipirinha seeds do not disappoint. Epic genetics, full and fierce flavours, and sexy looking buds, this indica-dominant hybrid Brazilian beauty is a must for any discerning cannabis wishlist.

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Caipirinha Strain Genetics

There is an intriguing mix of exotic strains in the Caipirinha female seeds lineage. On one side is the combination of Triangle Kush x Fire OG, while the other branch of the family tree comes from Birthday Cake (Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie).

Caipirinha marijuana seeds bring many of the traits of this heritage to the fore, with the blend of OG Kush and GSC both providing strong old school genetics in the background. Expect explosions of flavour, high THC levels passed down from TK/Fire OG, and a fast flowering time to be among the inherited gifts of this hybrid strain.

Caipirinha Strain Terpene Profile

Diesel on one side, Kush on the other, the sour fuel and exotic fruit Caipirinha flavour mix comes from the terpene profile. Expect a while wide array of tastes and scents to be present here, lingering in the air long after use.

Caipirinha’s abundant terpenes include myrcene, the source of the old skool skunk flavour that provides the base of everything, while caryophyllene adds that diesel twist with a tiny touch of sweet vanilla on the exhale. Rising above all the flavours and aromas is a dose of exotic, zesty citrus flavours via the presence of limonene.

Caipirinha Strain Effects

The Caipirinha THC level is high (usually pushing beyond 20% in most cases) and ensures a truly potent buzz. This cannabis strain produces indica-dominant effects, a calming, cerebral high that leans more towards thought-provoking than mood-altering or couch-locking.

That being said, this isn’t a recommended daytime strain, more suited to early evening, especially if you have social plans. A fantastic accompaniment to kicking back and shooting the breeze with friends, with a chatty and giggly mood almost guaranteed.

Caipirinha Strain Medical Benefits

Caipirinha medical seeds offer several therapeutic benefits, including the potential to sedate and assist those who may be living with insomnia. The general relaxation that takes over the body during use creates the potential to help you wind down to be ready to fall asleep and stay asleep once you do.

Other Caipirinha medical benefits include the possibility of stress and anxiety relief. The dominant terps found in this indica-dominant Triangle Kush x Fire OG x Birthday Cake hybrid strain have a long history of use in various traditional medicines of the world, especially for the relief of symptoms of anxiety.

How to Grow Caipirinha Strain Seeds

Caipirinha’s flowering time is pleasingly swift with indoor harvests rarely taking more than nine weeks. Robust plants with a great structure and rapid flowering time, Caipirinha feminised seeds yields are certainly impressive, offering up to 700g per plant for outdoor growers, and around 500g/m2 when grown indoors. Growing Caipirinha seeds in outdoor gardens should see a harvest time of around mid-October. 

However, with the exception of Mediterranean-style climates, you’re likely to find that the best results when growing this hybrid comes in a greenhouse, while indoor gardeners will see excellent results from SOG and SCROG techniques. 

Irrespective of which method you choose to grow these high-quality Cannarado Genetics Caipirinha cannabis seeds, the end result is going to be a huge harvest of dark green buds. Expect a sweet-looking coat of sparkling trichomes to appear, letting you know this tropical cannabis strain is ready to go.