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Sundae Driver x DJ Shorts Blueberry

by Cannarado Genetics

A fruity treat for sweet tooths from the folks at Cannarado Genetics, Blueberry Sundae is a feminized marijuana hybrid with a delicious dessert-themed flavour profile and monstrous indica-dominant effects.

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Blueberry Sundae Strain Genetics

The Cannarado Genetics cannabis seeds company are second to none when it comes to breeding unusual Rocky Mountain marijuana blends, and Blueberry Sundae lineage represents some of their most carefully crafted work to date.

Starting with Sundae Driver, a calming and creamy Cannarado seed bank original that mixes FPOG and Grape Pie genetics, the Colorado-based seeds company has blended this self-bred strain with DJ Shorts Blueberry – a mythical and multiple cup-winning indica with links to landrace strains like Thai. Together, these two give Blueberry Sundae marijuana seeds their major terp appeal, great resin production, and some especially heavy-hitting psychoactive effects. 

Blueberry Sundae Strain Terpene Profile

The Cannarado Genetic seed company have whipped up an absolute treat for fans of creamy dessert flavours. As a result of crossing Blueberry and Sundae Driver, Blueberry Sundae strain taste is sweet and fruity, combining the tropical and berry elements of the former with exotic fuel and floral touches and an air of creamy caramel. This delicious profile can be accentuated even further if consumed via a vaporiser or extracted in its concentrated form.

Blueberry Sundae dominant terpenes include limonene and myrcene, which both feature in very high concentrations and are also found in a variety of fruits. While this explains its primary flavour, subtler terpenes like linalool and alpha-pinene also play their part, giving this mouthwatering marijuana strain a more nuanced and aromatic profile.  

Blueberry Sundae Strain Effects

Blueberry Sundae is indica-dominant and therefore primarily affects the body, but its balanced lineage also features strong sativa links that give it an all-rounded psychoactive impact. Producing a relaxing and joyful effect that numbs the entire body, loosening muscles and lifting spirits, Cannarado recommends vaping to bring out its euphoric effects, adding up to a more creative and uplifting experience.

Though Sundae Driver boasts a modest THC level of 14-16%, Blueberry is known for its high concentrations, which can max out at 24%. As such, Blueberry Sundae THC level is significant and may be too much for low tolerance users, so be sure to enjoy this after dinner strain with due caution. 

Blueberry Sundae Medical Benefits

The intoxicating aromatic compounds locked within Blueberry Sundae strain medical seeds have wide-ranging therapeutic benefits. Linalool has pronounced stress-relieving, and anxiolytic effects and studies on rats have shown it can reduce anxiety and ease social interaction, while alpha-pinene can mitigate the paranoia that sometimes comes with high THC, low CBD cannabis strains, further increasing this pheno’s anti-anxiety effects. 

Blueberry Sundae strain medical benefits also extend to the physical. Myrcene and caryophyllene can help reduce inflammation by binding with CB2 receptors in the body, and their relaxing effects can help ease swollen muscles and stiffness.

How to Grow Blueberry Sundae Strain

Cultivators of all levels should have no problem growing Blueberry Sundae marijuana seeds. Maintaining a distinctly indica appearance throughout the flowering period, its broad and multi-branching nature make it an ideal candidate for SCROG cultivation, but this feminized strain will thrive equally well indoors or out. Perfect for hash makers, its dense buds feature green and purple accents and thick bulging calyxes dripping with sticky resin.

As Blueberry Sundae has a fast flowering time of 8-9 weeks from germination, impatient growers won’t have to wait long for their efforts to be rewarded, and the plant’s medium-high yields are nothing to be sniffed at either. Available now from MGS as feminized seeds, once you have a taste of this Blueberry Sundae, you’ll be instantly hooked on this Cannarado classic.