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Headbanger x Birthday Cake

by Cannarado Genetics

A balanced indica and sativa hybrid with an astounding sour kush-like flavour, Cannarado Genetics’ Birthday Banger feminized cannabis seeds are a sure-fire seed bank favourite waiting to happen. High THC, a heady, fuzzy buzz, and weighty, colourful buds, this is a birthday present any cannaisseur would highly appreciate!


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Birthday Banger Strain Genetics

The Birthday Banger lineage contains many a Cannabis Cup winner and seed bank legend. These cannabis seeds are the offspring of two fabulous strains, Karma Genetics’ classic Headbanger (child of Sour Diesel x Biter Kush), and one of the Cannarado Genetics seed company’s favourite breeding strains, Birthday Cake (also known as Cherry Kush, a fruity GSC and Cherry Pie descendant).

That’s a lot of cookies, a lot of kush, and a fair dose of diesel in the old school genetics of these Birthday Banger marijuana seeds. So much going on could be too much, but all the traits and flavours are so well balanced that this feminized strain is something of an affectionate herbal love letter to its acclaimed family tree.

Birthday Banger Strain Terpene Profile

Sweet and sour is a very accurate description of the scents and tastes that are produced by the Birthday Banger dominant terpenes. On one side, there you’ll find the sour, fuel coated aromas that linger in the air on exhale, while the other half of this Headbanger x Birthday Cake strain’s flavour is a mix of lime and cherries on inhale, with touches of candy sweetness.

This abundance of joyous scents and flavours comes from a wishlist of abundant terpenes, the citrus terpene limonene, the spicy terpene caryophyllene, and the herbal terpene myrcene. The aromas are always amazing, but when put through a vaporiser, it gets taken to a whole new level.

Birthday Banger Strain Effects

Birthday Banger is what they call a creeper. The initial buzz is discreet but fast-acting, and it evolves over time, moving from a psychedelic, creativity inducing euphoria, to total body relaxation. The Birthday Banger THC level is high (over 20%) but only really comes into effect during the second phase of the high.

This makes Cannarado Genetics Birthday Banger cannabis seeds an excellent choice for towards the end of the day. Giving that little boost of energy for the last hour of work, and then being ready for the chill that follows when you’re done!

Birthday Banger Strain Medical Benefits

Caryophyllene is thought to be only terpene that interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, the same way cannabinoids like THC do. This internal system plays a part in various processes within the body. The presence of these two elements gives Birthday Banger several potential medical benefits.

Firstly, the endocannabinoid system aids in altering and improving mood, making Birthday Banger medical seeds a possible assistant in the relief of symptoms of stress and anxiety, something limonene is also thought to help. Also affected by this system is the body’s pain response, meaning this marijuana strain may also support the relief of pain symptoms from muscle ache to migraines.

How to Grow Birthday Banger Seeds

Birthday Banger’s flowering time is a little under average, with a minimum of eight weeks for indoor growth. These Cannarado Genetics marijuana seeds adapt well to various growing techniques, including SOG, SCROG and Supercropping. Regular pruning is advised to enhance the potential outcome, as the Birthday Banger yield can be significant if the plants are treated well.

Outdoor growers are going to need hot climates for best results, greenhouse growing of these Birthday Banger female seeds is recommended otherwise. You should end up with a comfortable 600g per plant come mid-October, again with some light gardening throughout the growth.

Come harvest time, expect these delicious seeds to become a bountiful crop of orange-tinged, trichome covered buds signalling their arrival with fruit-tinged diesel aromas.