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Birthday Cake x Kosher Kush

by Cannarado Genetics

Fans of rocky mountain cannabis strains will be celebrating with this latest offering from the Cannarado Genetics seed company. Breaking from tradition in true style, Bat Mitzvah is an unusual indica-dominant hybrid that offers heavy body highs and an overpowering funk to rival the stinkiest of strains. 

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Bat Mitzvah Strain Genetics

Specially chosen by Cannardo Genetics as a worthy addition to its top-quality collection of hybridized marijuana blends, Bat Mitzvah cannabis seeds lineage unites DNA from two prestigious cannabis families, making this feminized pheno a just cause for celebration!

Birthday Cake kicks off the festivities in style, bringing its sweet cookies flavours and euphoric buzz to get you in the party spirit. Kosher Kush (also known as Jew Gold) a multiple cannabis cup-winning indica with a staggering THC level and one of the most pungent cannabis strains available in our seed bank completes the pairing. This high-class partnership lends Bat Mitzvah marijuana seeds a range of indica-leaning psychoactive effects, beneficial medical properties, and a robust organoleptic profile.   

Bat Mitzvah Terpene Profile

Kosher Kush is renowned for its pungent smell and taste. Quite possibly the most odoriferous descendant of the OG Kush family, its rich and earthy aroma is complex, yet pleasantly familiar, and layered with scents of spices and sour fruit. Carrying over to Bat Mitzvah flavour, this old skool funk pairs perfectly with the creamy fruitiness of Birthday Cake, ensuring a rewarding experience for fans of unique flavour combinations.

Bat Mitzvah flavours and aromas can be attributed to high concentrations of caryophyllene and myrcene terpenes, which form the basis of the classic Kush aesthetic that’s so highly prized within the marijuana world. Limonene is also present, providing its own subtle sweetness that ensures this feminized pheno is a total treat for the tastebuds.

Bat Mitzvah Strain Effects

Bat Mitzvah carries indica dominant effects that focus on the body, but thanks to its hybridized nature, it also inherits a potent psychoactive blast from its Birthday Cake parent plant. Opening with a soaring cerebral high to clear your mind and boost your mood, it isn’t long before the knockout effects of Kosher Kush kick in, banishing pain and numbing tired extremities, with sleep often following close behind.  

Although great for sharing, important events should be avoided when under this influence of this superpowered plant. While it might appear the perfect party strain, Bat Mitzvah THC level is very high and its sedative influence can quickly overpower any initial energetic effects, so consider saving consumption for when the celebrations are drawing to a conclusion.

Bat Mitzvah Medical Benefits

Kosher Kush boasts a stellar reputation on the dispensary circuit for its potent pain-killing applications. As its close descendent, Bat Mitzvah strain medical benefits are comparable; its high THC and caryophyllene content creating a powerful entourage effect. These two active compounds work together synergistically to melt away physical aches, chronic pains, and stiffness. 

Furthermore, myrcene terpenes, which are responsible for the pheno’s sedative effects, make Bat Mitzvah medical seeds ideal for medical cannabis patients with sleep disorders like insomnia.

How to Grow Bat Mitzvah Strain

Growing Bat Mitzvah feminised seeds is a cinch for cultivators old and new. Its indica-dominant genetics produce study plants with dense flowering sets, oversized heart-shaped buds, and the frosty appearance of Birthday Cake. As such, this particular seed type is an excellent choice for SOG or SCROG cultivation, but thanks to its robust growth style, heavy yields can be expected in any environment, be it indoor, greenhouse or outdoor gardens.

Though extra filtration may be required to deal with its pungent smell, impatient growers won’t have to wait long to reap the benefits of this easy to grow Kosher Kush x Birthday Cake cultivar. Bat Mitzvah female seeds have a fast flowering time of 8-10 weeks from germination, guaranteeing a quick turnaround with minimum fuss.