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Sundae Driver x Banana OG

by Cannarado Genetics

As the name suggests,Cannarado Genetics Banana Sundae is a sweet sativa-dominant marijuana strain with an intriguing genetic background and all the traits you want from a Cannarado legend. Expect hints of grape and creamy sugar, plus, of course, a big helping of banana!

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Banana Sundae Strain Genetics

Cannarado Genetics has some favourite base strains when it comes to breeding, and the sweet, satisfying Sundae Driver is undoubtedly one of them. Here, this tantalising strain has been crossed with Orgnkid’s kush-heavy, famous Banana OG to create colourful, frosty trichome-covered buds that are, quite frankly, stunning.

With OG Kush from both parents (via Fruity Pebbles OG and others) in the Banana Sundae lineage (and Grape Pie for flavour variety), these feminized cannabis seeds have pleasing traits during the growth period, including a relatively fast flowering time and a high yield. Your grow room will also rapidly fill with a fruity concoction of sweet aromas in a hurry, preparing you for the flavours that await you.

Banana Sundae Strain Terpene Profile

The Banana Sundae flavour comes predominantly from its terpene profile, providing aromas and tastes that tickle the senses in a variety of ways.

The Banana Sundae dominant terpenes include limonene (fruity) and caryophyllene (peppery) which combine to deliver that aromas of overripe bananas, and the fruit crossed with hashy sugar milk bonanza that occurs on the tongue on exhale. That classic, herbal kush, almost skunk-like flavour comes via a third abundant terpene, myrcene, which lingers on the lips after exhale, creating a stunning one-two punch. A fruit punch, if you will.

Banana Sundae Strain Effects

The Banana Sundae THC level, which ticks a little above 20% in most cases, ensures a fast-acting and long-lasting kick from this Cannarado Genetics cannabis strain. With a THC content that high, you’d expect a full-body buzz dense with relaxation, and you certainly get that here, but there’s more going on too.

As your body slowly goes to sleep, you are likely to find your mind being stimulated with creative ideas by this Banana OG x Sundae Driver strain, conducive with those long into the night conversations about life’s most complex issues that we all know and love!

Banana Sundae Strain Medical Benefits

THC and caryophyllene is a well-known cannabinoid and terpene combination that is thought to work with the endocannabinoid system, giving potential Banana Sundae medical benefits including the relief of headaches and migraines, providing pain relief at the same time as relaxation.

Limonene is a terpene with a long history of use for the relief of stress and anxiety, while myrcene is thought to act as a regulator, enhancing the possible benefits of other terpenes. This combination may create Banana Sundae medical seeds for those who live with bouts of anxiety caused by stress, relieving not only the symptoms but potentially aiding in reducing the causes of stress too.

How to Grow Banana Sundae Strain Seeds

The Banana Sundae flowering time is around 9 weeks for indoor growers, although holding back until around 10 or 11-week after germination may see that patience pay off with an even higher yield. Whether growing indoors or outdoors, the Banana Sundae yields should be impressively high. Sativa strains are known for tall plants with smaller buds, but while high and leafy, these cannabis plants lean more to the indica side when it comes to the yield.

Those growing Banana Sundae feminised cannabis seeds outdoors should expect a full harvest at around the mid-October mark. These plants can be sensitive to cold and wet climates, however, so, outside the Mediterranean, the use of a greenhouse is highly recommended for optimum effects. Expect a mass of greens and oranges, coated in crystal white to appear around harvest time, looking fine, and tasting even better!