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Birthday Cake x GSC x Cherry Pie

by Cannarado Genetics

Newly consecrated by the Cannarado Genetics seeds company, Altar Bread is a feminized hybrid cannabis plant with a heavenly lineage and divine indica-dominant effects that will leave you praying for more.  

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Altar Bread Strain Genetics

Born from a rare and revered marijuana triple threat and an indulgent dessert strain, this unusual indica-dominant marriage has plenty to offer cannabis cultivators old and new. 

Sativa DNA is provided by Trinity, a mysterious three-way mix of Northern Californian strains that gives Altar Bread its pungent skunky smell and cerebral qualities. Birthday Cake, a GSC x Cherry Pie pheno that’s sometimes known as Cherry Cookies, brings fruity vanilla flavours and a heavily sedating indica high. Together, these two saintly cannabis seed bank favourites form a sacred partnership, blessing Altar Bread with a range of complementary effects.

Altar Bread Terpene Profile

Altar Bread female seeds from Cannarado Genetics offers a true taste of the divine. Ripe berry flavours, sweet vanilla and biscuit are met with subtle undertones of pine, kush, and an aftertaste of rich hashish. The strain also inherits Trinity’s heady skunk aroma, which, while crisp and refreshing, is incredibly overpowering and a little less than discreet. 

Myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes appear in particularly high concentrations in the plant’s parent strains, along with limonene and alpha-pinene. Working in synergy, these aromatic compounds create a profile in Altar Bread that, for fans of full-bodied flavours, could be the answer to your prayers.

Altar Bread Strain Effects

Altar Bread is a high THC, low CBD strain and this, paired with its powerful parentage, gives it a psychoactive impact of biblical proportions. Inheriting both sativa and indica effects, users can expect a balanced but intense experience, with playful feelings of psychedelic euphoria in the early stages, and heavy sedation arriving later on.

Best saved for after evening prayers, the cerebral effects of the strain can be distracting in the daytime, while its sedative side can put even high tolerance users into sleep mode. Its heady impact may also overwhelm the inexperienced, so new cannabis converts should consider an alternative.

Altar Bread Medical Benefits

By no means a miracle cure, but packed with beneficial psychoactive compounds, Altar Bread cannabis seeds can be used effectively for the treatment of several health conditions. Patients with pain and physical ailments may find its high caryophyllene content particularly useful, as this terpene is a known analgesic which can help reduce aches and tension.

Myrcene, another active compound found in this Trinity x Birthday Cake cultivar, is more useful for medical marijuana users with sleep conditions like insomnia. As a natural sedative, it can offer a temporary solution for insomnia, helping tired patients drift off gently without the need for medication. 

How to Grow Altar Bread

Almost anybody can get great results from Altar Bread feminised seeds as the Cannarado Genetics seedbank purpose breed all their seeds for easy growth regardless of experience. Ready to harvest after 8-10 weeks from germination, the plant has a branching, conical appearance, defined by a massive central cola, which makes it an excellent option for SOG or SCROG cultivation, but these feminised seeds can be grown successfully outside or in a greenhouse set up.

Expect yields of between 450-500g per m2 or 700g per plant outdoors from this deliciously dank and pungent cultivar, and growers seeking discretion may require additional filtration to deal with its distracting smell. To get the most out of this rich melange of terpenes, creative cultivators may want to consider extraction, as Altar Bread