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AK 47 x Skunk

by Big Monster Seeds

An increasingly popular seed in our seeds bank is the delectable Sweet Carrot Jam, an indica-dominant hybrid from the heavy-hitting seeds company Big Monster Seeds. Derived from the herbal loins of two immensely popular cup winners, Sweet Carrot Jam is a heavily resistant, fast flowering marijuana seed that is is easy to grow, and provides a high yield of delightfully fruity-smelling plants that offer a mind-blowing cerebral buzz.

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Sweet Carrot Jam Genetics

Genetics don’t come much finer than those of the Sweet Carrot Jam marijuana seed – The product of two multi-time cannabis cup winners, Skunk and AK-47, this citrusy smelling super strain has inherited the DNA genetics of its mother plants and adds a hearty dose of its own personality.

Available as feminized seeds only, the resistance of the plants grown from these feminised cannabis seeds is undoubtedly due to its genetics, as is the high THC level (a tad under 20%) and the fruity, herbal scent characteristic of skunk strains.  Indeed, the resistance adaptability and production of Sweet Carrot Jam female seeds makes it a truly versatile and popular seed with all kinds of marijuana growers.

Sweet Carrot Jam Terpene Profile

Educated guesses on the terpene profile of this top-shelf elite strain can be made thanks to its well-known parents, and the notable flavours and aromas this cannabis strain emits. The fruity tones of grapefruit, mandarin, and lemon that linger in the air after exhale are most likely to be a combination of folk favourite limonene (found in the rind of many citrus fruits, hence the smell) and linalool, present in both citrus rinds and lavender, to provide a balanced floral, fruity combination.

Myrcene is also present in this cannabis strain, and those familiar with marijuana strains will be able to note the herbal scent of this terpene from around the corner. On the exhale, you may experience a little tickle on the tongue that tingles for a time, this is due to the presence of caryophyllene, a dominant terpene in the AK-47 strain and a more subtle one here.

Sweet Carrot Jam Effects

Skunk strains are known to be couch-locker, providing the kind of effects that encourages a far from appealing, and that is the case here too with this high in THC strain. While Sweet Carrot Jam does offer the relaxing, almost sedating effects that you may expect from an indica-dominator, it does not hit as heavily as its legendary AK-47 parent.

A perfect Sunday evening strain, and an excellent nightcap any day of the week, expect a calming feeling to take over your entire body, and a true sense of chill to envelope your mind.

Sweet Carrot Jam Medical Benefits

The relaxing effects of this top-shelf elite strain don’t only make for a pleasant buzz (although they most certainly do that) they also play into the medicinal potential of this Big Monster Seeds strain. The combination of limonene, linalool, and myrcene is thought to provide stress-relieving and anti-anxiety properties, and these terpenes (limonene especially) have a long history of use in traditional Western herbal medicine for that very reason.

This hybrid, indica-dominant cannabis strain may also provide pain-relieving qualities thanks in part to the high THC levels, and in part to the presence of caryophyllene. These two friends of the mind are known to converse sweetly with the body’s endocannabinoid system, binding to cannabinoid receptors and potentially aid in relieving the symptoms of chronic pain conditions.

How to Grow Sweet Carrot Jam

Due to its genetics, Sweet Carrot Jam feminized seeds are very easy to grow, involving limited effort from the side of the grower. These are high yielding, fast flowering cannabis seeds that are resistant to the elements and can be grown both indoors and outdoors in most climates. 

The scent from the plants when ready to harvest do not carry as far as other skunk strains, which is conducive to subtlety, but there is certainly enough of an aroma to let you know when these round, bush-like plants are ready to go. Indoor growers can expect a rapid flowering time of just eight weeks while outdoor growers will enjoy a substantial harvest of beautiful, resin-coated buds around Autumn.