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With an epic family tree that features some of marijuana’s heaviest hitters and autoflowering genes for effective growth, Green Joint Auto is a surprisingly compact sativa from the Big Monster Seed bank that’s brilliant if you’re short on space but dreaming about homegrown sativa highs.

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Green Joint Auto Genetic Profile

The latest Big Monster Seeds release to roll off the production line is an autoflowering Allstar with superior indica/sativa genetics. Combining Jack Herer – the renowned sativa-dominant hybrid that really needs no introduction – and the formidable Black Domina – a melting pot of Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghan genes – Green Joint Auto lineage spans the length and breadth of the marijuana world, so you can be sure it’s primed for both medical and recreational enrichment.

With a spicy citrus taste and uplifting creative effects, despite the name, the strain pairs fantastically with a vaporizer where its nuanced flavour becomes even more pronounced. Both of its parents also benefit from ruderalis genetics, making these autoflowering seeds super easy and simple to grow for expert gardeners, commercial farmers, and first-timers alike. They’re also smaller in size than your average sativa plant, so if you value discretion or are short on space, Green Joint Auto marijuana seeds are a great compact indoor option.

Green Joint Auto Terpene Profile

The fruity haze and skunk flavours of Jack Herer and the peppery kush taste of Black Domina blend surprisingly well, giving Green Joint flavour profile a spicy grapefruit quality with a pleasing hashy exhale. Refreshing aromas of freshly cut grass and citrus will invigorate your senses and bring a smile to your face long before any smoke passes your lips, but aren’t so intense as to cause odour problems during flowering.

Like Jack Herer, one of Green Joint dominant terpenes is terpinolene – a piney, woody scented monoterpene that’s also found in nutmeg, tea tree, and sage. Although this compound is often found in more uplifting cannabis strains, it can have a sedative influence. Emerging research also suggests that it may help to reduce the growth of cancer cells and lower the risk of heart disease. The strain’s flavour and effects also benefit from many other terps like caryophyllene and limonene.

Green Joint Auto Strain Effect

Green Joint Auto effects are uplifting and incredibly fast-acting but moderate in strength, making this strain highly suitable for wake and bake enthusiasts and daytime joint rollers who don’t want to feel too intoxicated. No matter how you choose to consume it, expect a pleasant euphoric rise, bouts of laughter, and a cascade of creative ideas that’s conducive to a relaxed but productive atmosphere. If you’re working from home and seeking some inspiration, maybe green should be your new colour of choice?

Green Joint Auto THC content is about 18% on average, and its effects are suitable for most users regardless of tolerance. Although it doesn’t have an especially high THC level or CBD content when compared to top-shelf hybrid strains, it’s a good option if you’re seeking a sativa effect that won’t affect your anxiety levels and value cannabis for its powers as an artistic aid.

Green Joint Auto Medical Benefits

Created by Sensi Seeds in the mid-90s, Jack Herer soon became recognized in the Netherlands as a premium medical-grade strain, and Green Joint Auto medical benefits are of a similar dispensary quality. It offers a gentle head and body buzz that can aid users who suffer from fatigue to get up more easily in the morning or keep their energy levels maintained throughout the day.

When you’re feeling understimulated, its focusing effect may just be the green jolt you need to get your brain reactivated.

Although some stronger sativa strains may increase anxiety levels, the stimulating effects of this Jack Herer Auto x Black Domina Auto cross can actually help combat symptoms of social anxiety. If you’re prone to getting tongue-tied in social situations or get anxious when expressing ideas, the calming but inspiring influence of weed grown from Green Joint Auto medical seeds can make the experience a lot less nerve-wracking.

How to Grow Green Joint Auto Strain

Sativa varieties are known for being tall and difficult to grow, but despite its sativa dominance, this autoflowering cannabis plant is relatively small and is unlikely to reach more than 1.2m in height. Unlike feminized seeds, it’s also an absolute cinch to cultivate as growers won’t have to worry about complicated light cycles.

Once germinated, Green Joint Auto-flowering time will take around nine weeks until its ruderalis genes automatically switch it from vegetative growth to putting all its energy into producing big beautiful trichome covered buds. Suitable for smaller indoor setups, discreet garden plots, and SOG or SCROG growth, it’s the ideal plant for sativa connoisseurs looking for easy returns.

Green Joint Auto yields are moderate but rewarding nonetheless, and thanks to the speed and simplicity of the growth cycle, growers can quickly achieve multiple crops in a single season. Although this makes them ideal for commercial farmers, first-time growers can also achieve great results growing Green Joint Auto cannabis seeds.

So, for premium green without all the problems associated with female seeds, give this awesome autoflower plant a go!