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Black Domina Auto x Black Domina XXL

by Big Monster Seeds

Blackhawk Auto is a specially selected version of Big Monster Seeds’ go-to autoflowering hybrid that’s been backcrossed to boost its bud size and yielding potential, providing growers with the same easy automatic growth, spicy flavours, and heavy indica effects in an exciting new XXL format.

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Blackhawk Auto Genetic Profile

Black Domina Auto – a formidable ruderalis infused four-way blend of Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghani – forms the backbone of the Big Monster seed bank’s autoflowering line. Blackhawk Auto marijuana seeds are a backcross of this spicy indica-dominant hybrid that feature the same dark colours, relaxing effects, and exotic flavour of the original autoflower favourite but in a bigger, better-performing new edition.

Blackhawk Auto lineage has been purposely crafted to provide growers with supersized, high producing cannabis plants that flower automatically, making it a reliable option for commercial cultivators concerned with plentiful returns. You can also rest assured that quantity doesn’t come at the cost of quality with this Black Domina Auto x Black Domina XXL cross because its taste and almost pure indica effect come with previous approval from the marijuana community.

Blackhawk Auto Terpene Profile

There’s little to no difference between Blackhawk Auto flavour and the spicy profile of its Black Domina parent. A peppery, incense heavy fragrance gives way to a taste that’s equally exotic with heavy notes of sandalwood, menthol, cardamon, and cumin. If you like the smoky flavour of hashish, consider this strain a suitable candidate for crafting rosin, live resin, or other kinds of cannabis concentrates.

Blackhawk Auto’s abundant terpenes mirror those of the kush family line. Spicy, herbal terps like myrcene and caryophyllene are present in high concentrations, along with secondary and tertiary terpenes like alpha-pinene, terpinolene, and ocimene. This latter monoterp, which is closely related to myrcene, is also found in mint, mangoes, and oregano and is thought to have anti-convulsant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Blackhawk Auto Strain Effect

Blackhawk Auto isn’t the strongest marijuana strain, but its near-pure indica heritage is still satisfying for users of all tolerances. It won’t send your mind careering sky-high like the army vehicle of the same name but may leave your body grounded for a while once its relaxing effects work their way into your system. Gently sedative without being overwhelming, it’s a good choice for those who like the smooth psychotropic caress of a high-quality indica but don’t want to crash and burn.

Blackhawk Auto THC content is a moderate 16%, but we still wouldn’t recommend it for heavy daytime use. It’s still possible for your ride to get out of control if you overindulge, and once you do, there’ll be no opportunity to bail out until its long-lasting effects run their course.

Blackhawk Auto Medical Benefits

Many medical marijuana enthusiasts suggest Black Domina as a way to relieve the symptoms of insomnia. Blackhawk Auto’s medical benefits are much the same as its parent, and its terpene content and moderate THC levels are an excellent combination for patients who are struggling with unhealthy sleep patterns and need some sedative support.

Blackhawk Auto medical seeds are also an excellent option for growers who just need a little downtime. Sometimes the working week can be like a warzone, and while a little stress can keep us on our toes, too much can have a damaging effect on the mind and body. When used in moderation, relaxing cannabis varieties like this may help to ease some of the burdens of chronic stress without causing the anxiety spike associated with more potent strains.

How to Grow Blackhawk Auto Strain

As one of Big Monster Seed’s pilot plants for their new line of autoflowering strains, this cast-iron phenotype is reliable and productive enough for commercial use but also easy to grow successfully for small-batch farmers or first-timers.

While the flowering period of photoperiod seeds depends on the hours of light they receive, Blackhawk Auto´s flowering time occurs between seven-ten weeks, and it’ll enter this period automatically on account of its ruderalis genes. Plants will be ready to harvest around 85 days from germination and retain the fir tree shape, dark colours, and resinous trichome coverage that’s typical of their Black Domina ancestry.

Feminized seeds often result in bigger plants, but Blackhawk Auto yields have been supersized thanks to backcrossed DNA from a specially selected Black Domina XXL plant. It’s larger and more productive than its parent and can be grown outdoors in a warm temperate climate or inside, where supercropping is recommended to capitalise on its high performance even further.

Also perfect for soilless, hydroponic systems and other more modern methods of marijuana cultivation, although growing Blackhawk Auto seeds won’t require a complicated set-up or even prior experience, this quality cash crop will thank you generously if you put in the extra effort.