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Black Domina x Jack Herer

by Big Monster Seeds

Big Monster plants with a Big Monster kick and a Big Monster buzz – Big Monster Flow from the Big Monster Seeds is a powerfully intense sativa dominant, hybrid marijuana seed. Big Monster Seeds are famed for their potent marijuana strains and this immensely powerful haze strain is the latest jewel in their crown.

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Big Monster Flow Strain Genetics

A welcome addition to the Marijuana Grow Shop seeds bank, Big Monster Flow has some monster genetics, being the product of two famed super strains – Black Domina and the legendary Jack Herer which was chosen because of the pure Haze phenotype within its DNA genetics.

While these are two heavy cannabis strains in their own right, Big Monster Flow is one of the strongest of either strain’s offspring, packing a hefty right hook thanks to an impressive THC content of well over 20%.

Gaining its fruity flavours and large, high yielding plants from its mother strains, the Big Monster Seeds strain has inherited all the finest qualities of both Jack Herer and Black Domina, resulting in a cream of the crop, sativa-leaning hybrid seed. 

Big Monster Flow Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profiles of the haze strains in Big Monster Flow’s genetics are well documented, allowing for a strong understanding of the makeup of this hybrid cannabis.

Two terpenes present in both parents are myrcene and caryophyllene, and with a spicy, herbal aroma undercutting the more dominant tastes and smells apparent in Big Monster Flow feminized, we can safely assume they’re present here too.

It is the fruity overtones that dominate here, however, with terpinolene creating a tropical fruit flavour, especially on the inhale, with a zesty citrus touch on the exhale that is likely to be the result of a strong limonene presence. The result is a taste sensation likely to satisfy even the fussiest of flavour chasers.

Big Monster Flow Strain Effects

Big Monster Flow feminized is not everyone’s cup of tea due to the intense THC content, but if you like your cannabis heavy and cerebral, then this marijuana seed should be right up your alley.

While the effects are fast-acting and mind-altering, this is not a strain that will end your day. Instead, you are more likely to become something akin to an ideas factory thanks to the intense cerebral psychoactivity. 

Creative, relaxing, euphoric, and more than a little giggly, Big Monster Flow is a perfect evening strain, creating intriguing conversation and laughter within minutes of consumption.

Big Monster Flow Strain Medical Benefits

Myrcene and terpinolene are both know for their sedative, relaxing qualities, which provides medical marijuana potential for Big Monster Flow cannabis seeds, especially when it comes to anti-stress and anti-anxiety benefits.

Adding limonene, also known to relieve anxiety and the high THC content, and this strain becomes a popular choice for those who have difficulty sleeping. While this strain is not intensely sedating, the relaxing, mentally uplifting effects could well have a positive impact on those who have insomnia.

How to Grow Big Monster Flow Seeds

Available as feminized seeds, Big Monster Flow is easy to grow which require very little work from the grower compared to most feminised seeds. Indoor and outdoor growers will both get on well with this plant, which is sturdy and resistant to the elements, making it a growers choice suitable for most climates.

A grow time of around ten weeks will see these female seeds develop into fir tree-like plants, so expect a jungle in your grow room when harvest time comes around.

Outdoor growers can expect a fantastically high yield around mid-October in friendly climates. The dense, resinous, shiny buds will make you want to get straight into them as soon as you harvest, but patience pays off with this exclusive variety of cannabis seeds.