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Brazilian Sativa x South Indian Indica

by Big Head Seeds

A mystical Goddess in the world of cannabis seeds, White Widow, is a bonafide classic, with an aroma that is as recognisable as they come. Complete with a euphoric mental buzz and crystal-coated buds you would expect from this legendary easy to grow, cannabis strain, Big Head Seeds have put their own unique spin on this sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis cup winner.

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White Widow Strain Genetics

Perhaps one of, if not the most famous cannabis strain of all-time, White Widow feminized cannabis seeds are a product of a Brazilian sativa landrace and a resinous South Indian indica cannabis strain. The mother plants provide exotic and beautiful genetics that have led to White Widow being one of the favourite strains at seed banks, a winner of numerous cannabis cups and a coffee shop staple for decades.

A cannabis legend and winner of the 1995 ‘High Times Cannabis Cup, White Widow’s sturdy plants, beautiful buds, and famous scent have led to this marijuana seed mothering numerous other potent strains like Blue Widow and Moby Dick. While the kids are great, sometimes, you just can´t beat the original White Widow.

White Widow Strain Terpene Profile

It doesn’t take a seasoned cannaisseur to be familiar with the unique and classic herbal aroma of this classic marijuana strain, due to a dominant myrcene content. It’s more than just a traditional herbal scent that makes White Widow such a favourite at Marijuana Grow shop.

The spicy smell and peppery taste of White Widow strains are known for comes from caryophyllene, while a fresh forest scent of pine is created thanks to the creatively named pinene. These terpenes combine to give this cup winner a combination of smells and flavours that, once experienced, are not soon forgotten.

White Widow Strain Effects

Part of the reason for White Widow’s coffee shop legend status is the conversation invoking buzz that is created by this hybrid cannabis strain. Conducive to creativity and evoking invigorating energy, this is social cannabis if there ever was one.

Fast-acting and long-lasting, your spirit will fly, and the high THC content will lift your mood, but without that heavy body buzz. This means you can get stuff done, and will likely be substantially happier about doing it! A perfect marijuana strain for any time of day, White Widow offers a delightful mental buzz that is perfect for everything from a wake and bake morning to a chilled evening amongst friends.

White Widow Medical Benefits

The health benefit potential of White Widow is well documented, with this cannabis strain being the medical cannabis choice for those living with anxiety and stress, thanks to the presence of both limonene and caryophyllene adding to the uplifting nature of these high-quality seeds from Big Head Seeds.

The relatively high (a little under 20%) THC content also combines with the caryophyllene and the myrcene to aid with deep and peaceful sleep, likely to be accompanied by some intriguing dreams. For those looking to grow medical cannabis seeds, White Widow is considered something of a medical marijuana staple for those with insomnia and other sleep-related conditions.

How to Grow White Widow Seeds

Available in feminized seeds, another reason for White Widow’s fame is how easy growing this strain really is, making them a perfect choice as beginner seeds. Sturdy plants that show resilience against both mould and the elements (within reason) this is an ideal marijuana seed for both an indoor and an outdoor grow.

With a fast flowering time, expect harvest time for these feminised seeds to come at around the nine-week mark with a high yield (around 500g/m2). If you prefer to do your marijuana grow outside, you will be rewarded with white resin coated plants ready to go around early October, when grown in reasonably warm climates. However, whether grown indoors or outdoors, these easy to grow feminized cannabis seeds are a true herbal love letter to classic marijuana strains of days gone by.