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Chronic x Northern Lights

by Big Head Seeds

Growing marijuana successfully was once a highly specialised skill, but with THC Pro feminized seeds, anyone can be a professional cannabis cultivator! A welcome addition to our seeds bank, this easy to grow, indica-leaning hybrid strain from the Big Head Seeds company boasts monstrous THC levels and hardy growth genetics including a rapid flowering time that provides this strain with some seriously impressive top-shelf bag appeal. 

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THC Pro Strain Genetics

The Big Head Seeds seeds co have combed the cannabis landscape in search of an effective pairing that balances natural growth with sensory intensity, eventually settling on two cup winning classics combined with a signature strain from their seeds bank.

Starting with an East Coast hybrid of the world-renowned Chronic and crossbreeding with the indomitable Northern Lights marijuana seed, Big Head Seeds have produced a formidable and flavourful hybrid that heightens the indica impact of both.

Finished off with BigHead#1, which brings hefty yields and its manageable flower formation to the table, THC Pro feminised seeds make growing cannabis from scratch a cinch for cultivators of any skillset.

THC Pro Strain Terpene Profile

THC pro feminized seeds have inherited most of their delightful sweet and sour flavours from its East Coast parent plant. 

Coloured by floral notes, honey, and black pepper, the hybrid’s delicate taste arises from a concoction of aromatic compounds, including myrcene and caryophyllene, and will be familiar to fans of the classic Chronic flavour profile.

Chronic also lends THC Pro its pungency, which is far less subtle. Dominated by an overpowering skunky scent, those with a heightened sense may also detect the earthy aromas of Northern Lights and accents of sweet hashish that betray its Afghani roots.

THC Pro Strain Effects

Big Head THC Pro female seeds were bred for their potency, and with THC levels ranging from a whopping 20-25%, this heavyweight hybrid doesn’t disappoint. As such, unseasoned smokers should proceed with caution, as its influence may be more than you bargained for! 

Offering “indica effects” that are typical of its subspecies, THC Pro cranks their intensity up to maximum and users can expect a long-lasting physical high that can easily result in that so-called “couch-lock” effect.

Offering a deeply therapeutic experience that’s ideal for winding down after a stressful working week, this hard-hitting, potently high THC strain is perfect for those looking for something a little stronger. 

THC Pro Strain Medical Benefits

Through its interaction with our endocannabinoid system, THC has shown to exhibit many medicinal applications, making this super high THC strain an excellent potential alternative remedy for a range of physical and mental conditions.

THC Pro’s diverse terpene profile also contributes to its powerful therapeutic potential – Caryophyllene can help relieve chronic pain and inflammation – While the sedative influence of myrcene is often used to manage sleep conditions like insomnia.

When combined with THC’s unique ability to conquer stress and anxiety, medical marijuana users will be hard pushed to find a more balanced mix of beneficial effects than those offered by these medicinal seeds. 

How to Grow THC Pro Seeds

Hardy Northern Lights genetics have blessed THC Pro feminized cannabis seeds with pest and mould resistance and exceptional durability that make these fully-feminised seeds remarkably easy to grow.

Equally simple to maintain, these female seeds short flowering time and unique bud formation, marked by a massive central cola and minimal side branching, comes courtesy of Bighead#1. With a little patience and encouragement, cultivators can expect hefty yields of pale, purple and orange licked buds within 7-9 weeks growth.

Ideal for newcomers to the world of marijuana seed cultivation, THC Pro cannabis seeds will suit almost any growth setup and deliver abundant harvests with hardly any fuss. However, as with all Chronic strains, extra care should be taken during the drying process to avoid losing this plant’s delicate flavour.