Buy Skywalka Ghost Kush strain seeds

Skywalker OG x Ghost OG x OG Kush

by Big Head Seeds

A super-powered feminized cannabis seed from the Bighead Seeds company, Skywalka Ghost Kush ranks among the strongest marijuana hybrid strains on the planet. With a delightful herbal aroma, and sedating indica dominant effects reserved exclusively for the experienced cannabis consumer, Skywalka Ghost Kush is a potent powerhouse for both body and mind.

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Skywalka Ghost Kush Strain Genetics

The crowning achievement of the Big Head Seeds co breeding program, Skywalka Ghost Kush cannabis seeds are a poly hybrid of three of the strongest kush strains available in seeds banks today.

From Skywalker OG, a highly sought-after OG offshoot, these feminized cannabis seeds inherit their remarkable growth qualities and killer resin content while Ghost OG is an equally popular indica sativa blend and lends Skywalka Ghost Kush its award-winning intensity. Blended with the legendary OG Kush, an indica dominant powerhouse that needs no introduction, it would be fair to say that Big Head Seeds Skywalka Ghost Kush has inherited some truly top shelf elite marijuana genetics. 

Skywalka Ghost Kush Strain Terpene Profile

Given its heritage, the spicy flavours of this cannabis strain are unsurprising. Rich in caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, dominant diesel tastes and a peppery finish leave a satisfying tingle on the tongue, while its eye-watering herbal aroma combines earthy and citrus scents. 

This intoxicating terpene profile is also responsible for the hybrid’s medicinal potential and super-powered effects, but in terms of taste, fans of classic Kush strains should look no further.

Skywalka Ghost Kush Strain Effects

Don’t underestimate the force of Big Head Seeds Skywalka Ghost Kush – With its THC content reaching a whopping 30% – this is one of the strongest indica dominant hybrids on the market, with paralyzing effects that can lead to instant couchlock. 

Experienced users with a high THC tolerance can expect an intense, full-bodied experience, enhanced appetite, and a calming sense of serenity. Moderation is advised, but as a potent relaxant, Skywalka Ghost Kush feminised seeds are a wonderful option for helping to unwind both body and mind at the end of a tiring day.

Skywalka Ghost Kush Strain Medical Benefits

If you´re looking to grow medical seeds, those remarkably high THC levels mentioned earlier have helped to make Big Head Seeds Skywalka Ghost Kush an increasingly popular medical cannabis strain. Although favoured for its psychoactive potential, THC can also be a powerful pain reliever. Caryophyllene exhibits similar properties and the combination of the two mean these medicinal seeds are ideal for managing chronic pain and injury.  

Thanks to high levels of myrcene, Skywalka Ghost Kush can knock out even experienced users, and these sedative effects are an excellent alternative for treating sleep disorders like insomnia. 

How to Grow Skywalka Ghost Kush Seeds

Owing to its ancestry, Skywalka Ghost Kush feminized seeds exhibit growth qualities common to many kush strains, including a short, sturdy Christmas tree shape and massive central cola. However, its yields are generally larger, ranging between 500-600 gr/m2.

Skywalka Ghost Kush feminised cannabis seeds have a short flowering time and can be grown anywhere, but professional cultivators should consider a controlled environment to increase harvests. Requiring a little extra time and effort, nothing good ever comes easy, and with a monstrous cannabis strain like Skywalka Ghost Kush, the results speak for themselves.

The plant’s oozing, sticky buds are littered with THC-loaded trichomes. As such, this cannabis strain has an uncommonly high resin content and is often used for making oils and concentrates.